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Planning Your Daughter’s Wedding: The Cake

S+B’s Wedding Cake
Why do we have to spend so much money on a wedding cake? Seriously, I don’t even like eating cake. Dad teased us to the point that we worried he was serious, “I’ll take the week off and MAKE THE CAKE”, he exclaimed! MOB has made tiered cakes before and would have nothing to do with dad in the kitchen the most crazy week of their lives. {Ain’t nobody got time for that!}
And so began our adventure in finding the best cake for us. This was low on S’s priority list and we did not have it in our budget to spend a lot, but we wanted it to be beautiful. Would this even be possible? I’m here to say, that with a few bumps along the way, that IT IS POSSIBLE. This is how we did it…
The Wedding Cake displayed on a floor length gold sequins table cloth.
Visit local Wedding Trade Shows. Our venue, Poetry Springs, had an event where you could go and shop local vendors. They had a few florists, bakers, caterer’s, DJ’s, you name it and they were there. This gave us a great pool of resources. From this we got a good idea of different pricing as well.
Close up of S+B’s Wedding Cake. Cake florals by R Love Floral.
Have the Bride find a picture of her dream cake. Have her look at photos on instagram, pinterest, tumbler, and get a good idea of what she does and does not like. Once that is done use a process of elimination until she has a few choices. It’s nice to have two or three going in so you can price each one to see which fits in your budget best.
Schedule a taste test at your top two or three picks. This is crucial. If you are like us and the cake was to be the main dessert, then you’ll want the cake to taste AMAZING! Do this about three months away from your wedding date. Secure your final choice with eight weeks advance notice.
Be wary of friends who say they can make the cake for less. I don’t want to accuse your friend that they couldn’t pull it off, but I’ve seen some pretty sad wedding cakes on the bet that a friend could make it for less. Just go with your gut on this one. Isn’t it worth a few extra dollars to have a nice cake on your special day? Let your friend help with something else and politely decline. Or better yet, don’t even ask them {unless magically they run a professional bakery}.
Be wary of friends parents who own businesses and say they will give a discount. I have to put this in here because it was our first choice. When it came down to handing over the deposit the price suddenly went up. In the end there would have been no discount at all and we would have been way over budget.
Have a back up choice picked out. Because of the above issue we had to scramble and make a quick trip out to Kaufman. We found the nicest ever gay couple who make cakes. Seriously their cakes are delicious! We were so excited that they could make what S wanted and IN OUR BUDGET that we immediately paid in full for the cake. {Maybe not so smart?}
Only put a deposit down on the cake. Seriously, I don’t want to say that you can’t trust people but there is always the WHAT IF?! We personally had a huge scare. Two weeks before the wedding I told Sabryna to call and check on the cake and make sure it was on schedule and would be delivered in time for detail photography. She called and left a message but didn’t hear back. After she left two messages she got scared and gave good ol’ MOB the number. I called and left a long message…”We paid in full for this cake and we need to know that you are still making it and things are on schedule…it is pertinent that we get a phone call back from you ASAP…” {I was trying not to sound crazy but inside I was nearing the brink}. Later that evening I get a phone call back and notice it is the cake company. I answer and in a man’s voice I hear, “I am sorry ma’am but you did not pay for a cake and I am not scheduled to make your cake.” My heart dropped to my feet, “What the he– do you mean we didn’t pay for a cake?” I screamed {at this point I’ve officially gone over the brink and into crazy land}. The person on the other end says, “Ma’am this is The Cake Lady, you never paid me for anything!” My mind spins and somewhere in my crazy head I remember months earlier meeting The Cake Lady, the sweet woman who had a very low voice, who WE DID NOT CHOOSE TO MAKE OUR CAKE! I had saved her number incorrectly in my phone and we were calling the wrong number the entire time! {oops, my bad} I apologized profusely and when we called the correct people everything was on target. Silly MOB. 
Make sure your cake comes with a cake stand. Sounds nutty, but I know of a wedding where the cake was put directly on top of the table cloth. Remember it is up to the couple to provide a stand, not the bakery. If you cannot rent it from the company that makes your cake then look into purchasing one. They often times have them at Home Goods. {Oh how I love that store!}
How We Saved Money…
Order a Three Tier the height of a Four Tier. We wanted the height of a 4 tier but not the expense. How I achieved this was asking for each tier to have four layers of cake instead of three. Now you pay for the three tier but it looks much more grand. {I know I’m a smarty pants} Besides, I like the more modern look of the higher layers.
Order a faux lower tier. Depending on how many people you are feeding you may not even need that much cake. In our case we did not. We would be feeding 180 people and the top two layers would be plenty. This brought the price of the cake down into budget. Funny story, we did not know that they actually had made that bottom layer cake instead of a faux form! We found out at the wedding and of course, we did not end up needing to serve it. {Instead in a random twist of fate, I accidentally reheated that left over layer later that weekend while it was stored inside my oven}. I know, bummer.
Cake Topper. Instead of buying an expensive cake topper that you will never use again, have your florist put together live florals for your cake. {As shown above, by R Love Floral}
Lemon tarts and chocolate dipped strawberries.
Have a simple dessert bar. This is something that I did myself with the help of family the day before the wedding. Not only was it a fun and easy, but also ensured that we would not need the faux layer of the cake. {I’m still mad about ruining that cake!}


Strawberry chocolate dipped Rice Crispy Treats.


Sweet Treats dessert bar.
More choices…Pastry Sweet Treats.
Sweet Treats were displayed using crates and cake plates on a simple sequins runner.
We survived buying the cake and dad didn’t even have to make it. The cake turned out simple, yet elegant and gorgeous, but not over stated. I loved the gold ombre spray up the bottom of each layer. Way to pick out a beauty S! {you must take after your mom}. We were thrilled with the great job that the men over at Renaissance Cake Company did. They proved that Weddings really are better with a WEDDING CAKE.
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Visit the Bride’s website here.
Florals by R Love Floral.

Stunning photography by Jennefer Wilson.

Please follow along as I will be posting and updating my blog with each and every area of planning for my daughter’s big day! I will be posting tutorials, money saving ideas, and tips that made this day extra special. Thanks for reading and following along!

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