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Shabby Chic Pumpkin Decor

There’s a huge part of me that loves to decorate with fresh live pumpkins or real wreaths at Christmas time. The reason is that when I am through with it I can simply throw it out and not have to deal with storing something until the following year. Since I love to make things this works for me.

I decorated this little sugar pumpkin this year. I love how it turned out. I simply took a few sparkled faux leaves, some twine, lace & ribbons as well as dug through my crate of metal embellishments. I used hot glue to attach some berries.
I had Sabryna write “gather” with a sharpie in her beautiful calligraphy.
The result was simple yet gorgeous. Next year I think I’ll decorate my front porch with these. It’s perfect for Halloween and carries over through Thanksgiving.
xoxo, Amylia

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