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DIY Hanging “Bath” Sign Tutorial

Have you seen those ADORABLE bathroom signs for hallways on Pinterest? I’ve wanted to make one for a few years now…and when I found out my friend wanted one I knew this was my chance to Carpe Diem {sieze the day}. haha
Teri and hubby housed D and I for a few days over the Christmas holiday in their beautiful new home on Fox Island. There used to be a “Bath” sign on the main floor of her home and she regretted not asking the seller to leave it. The idea sparked at the moment she told me about it. This would be my next crafting “experiment” and would double as the perfect housewarming and thank you gift!
First buy a metal bracket, they have several to choose from on etsy.com. Teri picked out this one. Ivy, the shop owner, had it shipped off to me in no time. In the mean time I gathered a few products.
This is what I used & how I finished this project:
brown stain or spray paint
white or off white chalk paint
sand paper (rough and medium)
screw eyelets
chain or carbine jewelry links (black spray paint)
Mod Podge
Wax (not shown)
Vinyl (cut with image of your choice)
Sand wood sign. Spray paint dark brown. Paint with chalk paint (two coats).
I recommend letting the paint cure over night before sanding.
24 hours later sand with rough paper to get antiqued look, I did a light distressing.
With a pencil lightly mark where eyelets will be placed. Use appropriate sized drill to start a hole. Screw in eyelets.
(I painted my eyelets first with black spray paint)

Here is a close up of the light distressing. After it was sanded, it felt as smooth as butter.

Using my Cricut, I cut the image I wanted onto vinyl and weeded out the words, leaving a stencil or template. You could simply weed the reverse and use the vinyl lettering instead of painting.
The font I used for this sign is called Sverige Script. I like it because it is a modern cursive that isn’t too frilly.
Using a paint brush lightly coated a very thin layer of Mod Podge onto the stencil. This seals all of the edges so the paint does not leak through underneath and ruin the project.
Let the glue dry completely, then paint a thin layer of paint. I used black chalk paint.
This allows the ability to take a toothpick and save your project from any leakage (if need be).
After the vinyl is removed there may be a few little mess ups, where the glue underneath pulls the paint off. This is why you will need to pull the vinyl off with the paint still wet. Take a small fine point paint brush and touch up any lines to make them perfect.
I used carbine jewelry clips that I bought at Hobby Lobby. Easy to attach, and I simply painted them with a flat black paint. (Seriously, I’m a mess, look at the spray paint on my fingers) haha.
The last step is to paint a light coat of clear wax over the wood. This will seal the wood from being easily scratched and make it dust and weather resistant. Let the wax sit and dry for 24 hours, then buff off with a clean rag.

And here it is…the final product. SO MUCH FUN TO MAKE! I can’t wait to sent it to Teri!

xoxo, Amylia

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