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Planning Your Daughter’s Wedding: The Bridal Party

The Bridal Party.

This is such a fun part of the wedding. There is nothing more special than sharing this most special day with favorite friends! However I have to be honest, as the MOB, the hard part for me was that I had ideas of who I felt that S should include in her bridal party that didn’t match up with what she wanted. It was a sore spot and I have to say that it was not easy for me! {You see I’m not the perfect MOB after all, sigh.} The best advice I have to give is to remember this is her wedding, not yours, and to try to support and understand her choices. Do not take a decision she makes personal or be easily offended by her choices. Once I worked myself through that {whew} the two of us had a great time doing the rest!

Bridal Party Gift Boxes by MOB & Bride.

Asking the Bridal Party. Sabryna wanted to ask her bridal party in a fun way, that made them feel extra special. I truly love each and every girl that she asked, so this was extra fun for me to help put together gifts to send each friend. We bought 6 boxes at Michael’s and painted them metallic gold. We also purchased and put together Heidi Swapp Marquee Letters to personalize each box. S also included a satin robe to “get ready” in the day of the wedding. Included were calligraphy cards that said, “I can’t say I Do without You”. The final touch was sprinkling blush pink and white rose petals.
To ask the Flower Girls, S put together a little box and inside had a personalized cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes. {It doesn’t get more delicious than that!}
The Beautiful Bridal Party.
Coordinating Bridal Party Gowns. This is easy if everyone will be wearing the same gown, but if you are going with different gowns {why do we have to be so trendy}, it is a bit more complicated. S wanted all of her girls to choose their own gowns so that they would love them and they could possibly wear them again to a sorority dance or another event. Besides, mis-matching, yet coordinating gowns for weddings is very chic right now. Since she had asked six girls she decided to have three similar colors that blended {but didn’t clash}. One way that she was able to give the girls an idea of what she wanted them to wear was by enclosing a card with color swatches inside each gift. Then she told the girls which colors she wanted them to wear. We had our cards made by a beautiful little shop on Etsy. As you can see, it worked out perfectly and all of the dresses and colors are spot on!


Hair, Makeup and Shoes. Everything matters, even these little details! Since Sabryna isn’t very tall and she had her Maid of Honor as well as another best friend in off-white, I didn’t want them to upstage her. I wanted the to Bride look the most dramatic and stand out among the others. To achieve this we had the girls wear flats, especially since S herself would not be wearing heels. For hair we had all of the girls wear theirs up while S wore hers down. With the make up we asked the girls to wear “nude” lipstick and S then was the only to have a splash of color on her lips!


Peyton, Alex & Abbie in off-white, nude and blush.
Just to make the experience extra special…MOB and dad put the Bride and friends up in a nice hotel the night before the wedding. This got her out and away from our crazy wedding-planning house and gave her time to get a good night sleep, have her own bathroom to shower in, and show up to the venue refreshed, prepared to get ready for her big day!


Amanda, Kirsten, and Reagan in off-white, blush and nude.
Cameryn and Jordyn, flower girls, dressed in white.


The flower girls were the best help positioning the wedding dress for photos! They also tattled on the boys when they almost took off right before photos to go and get food. It was adorable having them inside the bridal suite when we were all getting ready Jordyn exclaimed, “Sabryna you look like a princess!”
The Groom’s Party.

The Groom’s Party. We had the groom stand out by being the only man to wear a tux jacket. All the other men matched him, but had on vests. I have to say this because I feel it is important, all the men had matching shoes. It looks very silly if they are not uniform! And lets just be real here, the Bride picked out the colors for the guys, as well as the tuxedos. I do have to mention that MOB had to run over and cancel an order at one place and help place a better order at another…but isn’t that is just what us MOB’s do to make things perfect?! Brady {groom} wore a darker grey to stand out from all his “tall” guy friends. Worked like a charm!

Never a dull moment with the Groom’s Party!
There is nothing more special than sharing the most important day with your most important friends. I am so happy that S has the most wonderful and supporting friends who love her. Without them this day wouldn’t have been the same, nor as beautiful {dang, these girls are gorgeous!}

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Florals by R Love Floral.
Stunning photography by Jennefer Wilson.

Please follow along as I will be posting and updating my blog with each and every area of planning for my daughter’s big day! I will be posting tutorials, money saving ideas, and tips that made this day extra special. Thanks for reading!

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