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Planning Your Daughter’s Wedding: The Details

Calligraphy by The Bride
 Wedding details and decor set the tone for your event. Whether it be formal, casual, whimsical or in-between, how the venue is  decorated makes all the difference. I am going to spotlight a few of the ideas that we had for details, which cover every area of a wedding, from the invitations down to the gift table. Most everything here was a DIY project, which made it even more fun for MOB {crafts are my fav}. Best of all we found little ways to add personality to the decor and still look classy!
The Invitations
Use the invitations as a jumping start for the “feeling” or “vibe” you would like to have at the wedding. This will give guests a fun look into what they may expect on the big day. Sabryna and I visited a designer in Plano, Texas, who had gorgeous work and the vibe wanted. But the total quote ended up being over $3,000 and that didn’t even include calligraphy on the envelopes or postage. MOB {me} had a better idea! There are several shops on Etsy which design wedding invitations and have the same soft watercolor touches and vibes. Ultimately we bought our design from Burch and Sparrow. The shop owner worked with us coordinating colors to our liking as well as adding the foil lettering in certain places. In a lucky twist of fate I ended up in Rexburg, Idaho, visiting my grand-baby and drove by a store called Artco. I remembered going in here years ago and buying envelopes for a great price. I visited the store and found the perfect colored blush pink and gold envelopes that would work with the invitation and RSVP cards. When I went to purchase these I found out from the cashier that they could print my invitations for me, all I needed to do was give them the digital file. When it came down to it we ended up paying $300 for beautiful glistening heavy grade card stock with gold foil printing. This saved us some serious cash and we were more than pleased with the end result! The bride has gorgeous hand-writing and she personally did the calligraphy on each envelope.
The Wedding Rings
The wedding rings were staged for photography inside a pink peony by photographer Jennefer Wilson. You can read about the proposal here.
Ceremony Florals
To save on costs I used select floral pieces from the outdoor ceremony later for the indoor reception that evening. I had friends bring them inside and set them as centerpieces on four tables. Worked like a charm!
Bridge while walking down the aisle.
 The alter and guest seating.
White carnations strung as a backdrop.
I had a girls night were all of my friends came over and helped me pre-string hundreds of white carnations onto fishing line. It made a beautiful modern and elegant backdrop for the wedding ceremony. The groom and groom’s men hung them for me the morning of the wedding. {Thanks guys!}
The Wedding Arch
Gorgeous silver dollar eucalyptus draped the wedding arch with pops of white hydrangeas, garden roses, and peony’s. These details were designed and assembled by our florist Raquel.
Wedding Aisle Florals
We went for a very simple, yet elegant look for the aisle decor. Our florist, R Love Floral, put arrangements together in glass vases and attached them to the outer chairs down both sides of the aisle.
Front of Wedding Program Fan
To beat the heat and let guests know what the evening would entail, I made these little fans out of card stock {printed from my own printer} and simple wooden paddles from Hobby Lobby. I had the program designed from Simple and Stunning on Etsy. I love how the fan announced and recognized each and every special person in the bridal party, we were even able to color the dresses accordingly. Notice the people icons and the little flower girls and ring bearer. {S’cute!}
Back of Wedding Program Fan
We had a little trivia game on the back of the fan and the answers were given by the DJ during the wedding reception. If you haven’t thought of it make sure that you have a program of some sort. I felt our program was amazing and went without a hitch. It also made it so I could relax the entire evening, having every detail of the evening worked out beforehand.
Here Comes the Bride Banner
I made this banner for the flower girls to carry down the aisle before Sabryna made her grand entrance. I’m not sure why a photo of the girls was not captured, but I staged it after the wedding {thank goodness}. I used white canvas fabric and using my Cricut cut out from gold iron on adhesive the lettering. The rest was simple, ironed it on in place and sewed seams for curtain rods to go in the top and bottom. I found the perfect rods at Jo Ann Fabrics that had crystal ends. This detail added a fun whimsical touch to the ceremony!
Sabryna & Brady exiting after the ceremony.
Music is a huge detail that adds the bride and grooms personalities to the wedding! S and B chose Bones by Josh Record to walk down the aisle. After the ceremony they and all the bridal party exited to Halo by Beyonce. I loved that they chose Halo, it was so upbeat and set the tone for a celebration! It was the perfect way to start the dinner and reception.
Ceiling Detail & Glam Garland Photo Backdrop
I feel that a ceiling is one of the most important parts of any event, especially that of a wedding reception. One reason we retained Poetry Springs as our venue was because it had this gorgeous white tulle ceiling draped with white sparking lights. I love the juxtaposition of the beams against the elegance of draping fabric.
Personalized plates and hand-made vases.
I love to laugh and to smile. So my favorite touches to any event are what I like to call “splashes of witty amongst the pretty”. On the tables I was able to achieve this by personalized wedding plates. This was one way we interjected our personality into the decor and it added another layer to the overall design of the evening. Notice the white vase with gold flecking up the bottom. I hand painted 20 of these to give the tables a more modern look!
Round Table Centerpieces & Place Settings.
We had three sets of banquet tables (for a total of six banquets) for each family side as well as the bridal party table. For the dinner guests we added 17 round tables. This picture is taken with the lights on, the lower photo shows the details of the white and gold luminaries.
Luminary Candle Details.
These luminaries were originally small flower pots purchased at IKEA. They were completely white and I painted the insides with gold metallic spray paint. Adding tea lights set a fun mood for the evening reception.
The Bridal Table.
Details on each table included fabric napkins to add a layer of texture and color, a gold charger, white plate with gold lettering, silverware, and a wine glass. The floral’s shown here are the bridal bouquet and the brides maids bouquets. I have seen at other weddings the girls won’t want to hold them all night so they end up laying around on various tables. This was my idea for them to have a place to set their bouquets while they ate and danced. This would preserve them, save money on centerpieces, and allow the girls to have a worry free evening.
Bride & Groom Assigned Seating by Taryn Wheeler.
Made from reclaimed wood, these signs added another touch of personality and whimsy to the otherwise formal decor. Jack Johnson’s “Better Together” song is one of S and B’s favorites and was close to being chosen for the first dance. However, they went with a much less traditional song called Turning Page, which they both loved and spoke to their souls about the love they have for one another. It was so beautiful.
DIY Glam garlands strung across the gift table.
The glam garlands were another DIY project. I had my friends help me assemble these the same night we strung all of the carnations. Not photographed was a backdrop made for guests to take photos that evening during the reception. This was a very fun project! I named them “glam-garlands” because S loved the idea of garland but hates burlap or anything too country looking. Garlands always make an event come to life and add a special touch.
Gift Table Details
Using my personal Cricut machine I was able to cut connecting fonts out and make simple, yet elegant, ways to label areas around the venue. I hung the gift sign from an adjustable wreath holder. The cards area was a basket made from chicken wire, which looked pretty modern. I decided not to cover all of the tables with cloths. Instead I left the tables showing their beautiful wood tops and added gorgeous sequins runners. Wooden crates that I painted in white, off-white, and blush were used to create different heights. Simple roses added a nice touch until gifts filled up the areas.
The Cake Table
I purchased a gorgeous full length sequins table cloth in gold from Tablecloths Factory. This small detail really gave the cake the attention it deserved. It also gave the venue that extra sparkle and glam that we wanted amongst all of the wood and stone furnishing’s of the building.
Marquee Light on Serving Table
This picture was taken much too early in the staging. The Eat light turned on and marked the beginning of the dinner service line. I had friends of mine make a beautiful hardy Texas dinner {we love quintessential Texan food}. We served BBQ made with Dr. Pepper, Crispy Chicken Strips, Mashed Potatoes, Country Gravy, Homemade Macaroni & Cheese, Rolls, Fruit Salad, and Green Salad. Drinks were Country-time Lemonade, Sweet Tea, and Water. Lined up were chalk board signs labeling each item. The huge clear drink holders had cute chalk board signs hanging from the spouts as well. We had so many great compliments on the wedding feast {thanks to my very dear friends}!
Canvas Calligraphy Wedding Favors
I made these adorable canvas calligraphy photos for each guest as a wedding favor. They are 8×10 and we had them stacked on a table. These were two of S and B’s favorite songs, so added their personality to the evening.
Chalkboard Calligraphy Instagram Sign
S and B made up their own hash tag for Instagram. It was adorable, #happilyeverstoddard. To encourage guests to post pictures of the evening celebration this sign was made by the Bride.
Canvas Pictures and Signs
I made these canvas pictures and signs of S and B’s engagement photos for the Bridal Shower. This was the only decor that I used in the wedding that had been seen before by those who attended that party. It was important to me not to give the wedding away at the bridal shower. I wanted most everything to be seen by guests for the first time. I loved adding personality with the signs with sayings on them. I used these on the huge personalize vignette display at the wedding reception.
Hand Calligraphy Chalk Board
This photo doesn’t do justice to this chalk board. The frame is absolutely huge and stunning. Not only did the size make a difference in such a huge room, but the calligraphy is spot on. The Bride has quite the talent in that department!
Guest Signing Area
Keeping the huge vignette area simple and elegant I styled this with findings S and I had purchased in the months before the wedding. Instead of covering the gorgeous wooden tables with white table cloths, I chose instead to go with a more modern and simple concept and I love how it turned out. I simply laid sequins runners on top and used open crates to add various heights to stage photos and decor. As shown above the “toss bouquet” was held and kept fresh inside an Anthropology “S” monogrammed mug. {These photos were taken early in staging before candles were lit and the florals propped up}.
20×30 photo of S and B
The venue we chose is so huge so I knew that I needed to bring in some pretty large pieces or the vignette would be a flop. Large pieces were my best friend in this display. The photo itself in this frame is 20×30. I personally matted and framed it to save money. I did this by simply “converting” an existing frame and matting by painting them. Yes you can paint a mat! Just make sure to use a very flat or even chalky paint and allow it to cure 24 hours before enclosing in glass.
Framed Bridal Session Photo
This photo was also 20×30 and was another key piece that I made. The Large scale fit perfectly in the room and filled the table beautifully.
Vintage Window turned Frame
I bought this huge old window with individual panes for $20. It served as another large piece for the staging and I filled with with photos from the Bridal photo session. Notice that I have lanterns and candle holders scattered around. I painted most of these gold to match the colors used in the wedding. Many of them I had from personal decor in my home. I bought the candles at the Dollar Tree and wrapped them in gilded scrapbook paper that sparkled. They looked like expensive pillar candles and the paper held the wax in place all evening {no messy drips}!
Personalized Vignette Details.
Here I used marquee lights by Heidi Swapp and spray painted the inside template with metallic gold. Notice the fun addition of an open frame with “Happily Ever After”. Again, I used crates to add heights and even turned a cute drawer upside down. I felt like it was a refreshing “no frills” way to solve height problems plus added extra visual interest to the overall design. On the lower table in front you will see a framed invitation and the sign to the left says “To Have and To Hold”. This lower area was the place where guests signed in.
Another View of the Window Frame
Photo of Bride on Vignette Display
Framed Wedding Invitation and RSVP
Crystal Lamps painted gold {right}
Large Chalkboard Calligraphy
There certainly is the possibility that you might have too many things necessary to fill or decorate with. This is why I put this large piece next to the table as an extension of the vignette. My advice if you run into this problem, is to stick with your overall theme, recognizing that sometimes less is more. I’ve seen at events were people will want to add way too much and it actually will take away rather than make the decor better. There were a few things I ended up not using, which was okay!
Video of Vignette Display
It never fails, and this night was no different, I didn’t have time to take pictures or video of my displays and vignettes. As a result some things weren’t even documented {like the photo area}. This is the only little video I took at the end of the evening of my display. It is not the best quality since it is just on my phone, but I wanted to include it here.
It is really important to communicate with your photographer and let her know what you want pictures of and any of the ideas of how you would like photos staged. We had a great photographer, but I was getting dressed while she took the detail shots and I was unable to light candles, tell her where I wanted the dress photographed, and a few other details. Over-all I was beyond pleased, but you know what they say, hind-site is 20/20!

The details were by far the favorite part of planning the wedding! Thank you so much for reading and sharing this journey with me, I have really enjoyed documenting our experiences. Please check back to read my next article which I will be sharing fun stories about the ceremony and reception, along with gorgeous photography that captured it all.
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Visit the Bride’s website here.
Florals by R Love Floral.
Stunning photography by Jennefer Wilson.

Please follow along as I will be posting and updating my blog with each and every area of planning for my daughter’s big day! I will be posting tutorials, money saving ideas, and tips that made this day extra special. Thanks for reading!

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