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Six reasons why Trump will be the next President…

…and it has nothing to do with his political views.

1. Many people voting are not politically savvy. When it comes time to vote, they may not look into all of the issues and vote for a recognizable name and face instead. {For Pete’s sake, I don’t consider myself politically savvy, which is exactly why I can see it coming.} 
2. He is known for not putting up with bull-crap on The Apprentice, and people ate it up. {Even my grandma loved that show.} Furthermore, people are tired of political BS.
3. Obama laid the foundation to nominate a Hollywood Star. Let’s face it, being President has become more and more Hollywood chic. I’ve never noticed an elected President do more talk shows, SNL’s, or make more public television show appearances than that of our current President and First Lady. All due respect, but it has set a precedence and lowered the bar, making it commonplace. {Don’t pull the Ronald Regan card, because we all know that is different.}
4. Reality Television. Everyone loves a good reality television show, especially the younger generations. Watching the live political debates when Trump is involved has become a reality show at its finest. {Seriously, Trump is no dummy.}
5. Good manners are out the window. Blame the Kardashian’s or whatever trending shows America watches; you will see that bad manners are not only accepted, but are found funny, and people with them will get paid top dollar. Besides, people have become exhausted from political correctness. {#truth}
6. He’s Republican. Regardless of his views or what he promises many will vote for him just because he’s Republican. {Seriously, let’s just run for our lives right now.}

Written from the perspective of a not so politically savvy average American who is an Anti-Trumper. 

{Please, don’t shoot the messenger!}

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