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DIY Star Wars Lego and Halo Mega Bloks Figure Displays

 Kids love legos, but I swear lego’s do not love kids. haha. You mom’s out there know what I am talking about. Those little lego figures often have minds of their own and go exploring with your child, in the car, to the movies, to the park, but amazingly they usually make it back home. Why is it then that it is at home where they inevitably become lost? Seriously, these little lego figures are STRAIGHT MONEY. {Can I get an Amen?}

P loves lego’s, especially the lego figures. We have kept them in a little crate separate from the rest for years. But their accessories come off when they battle one another {I mean we are talking StarWars here} and they may loose a few limbs…so eventually there is a pile of MONEY that can’t be reassembled. I’ve been wanting to make a display for them as a solution and finally took the plunge {aka got off my lazy procrastinating bum} and did it.

This project is EASY PEASY. Entry crafter level easy…
What you will need {I’ve added links as well}:

1. Any sized old Frame (preferably one that is deep set) any color will do. I have had the frames I used for about ten years and bought them at IKEA. My frames are 19X19. Similar Here
2. Super Glue Here

3. Yard Stick Here & any Pencil

4. Wood Glue Here & clamps Here

5. Spray Paint (any color but I used black gloss) Here

6. Lego’s (I used 2X2’s, 2X3’s and 2X4’s). If you don’t have enough they sell suppliment packs  Here

Here is the fun (or not so fun) part…digging for spare lego’s to use at platforms.


For my first frame I used 2X3’s,
so those Star Wars figures with jet packs on their backs would easily fit for display.

Start by making a grid with your pencil and yard stick directly onto the backing of the frame.
Take the super glue and adhere the lego “platform” pieces to the back board.
I also used the yard stick to keep them straight.
After everything was glued in place I spray painted it with a flat black, but I hated the color, so ultimately ended up using a glossy black. After the first coat was on, using clamps, I took wood glue and adhered the backing directly to the frame.
Here it is after the glue was dried and I had sprayed it again.
I had so much fun filling this up while P was at school!
Now P can display all of his figures and they will have a home on the wall in his room.
They are easily removable too.
Here’s another close up.
Because there is no shortage of figures in our house I made a second…and a third display.

We needed one for his HALO Mega Bloks figures too {of course}.

Halo figures take up three peg spaces.
Because of this I decided to run the lego platform pieces straight across the board.
Again, I had a blast putting the guys together in the new display frame.
Here’s the finished Halo Mega Bloks display.
What I love about this solution is that P’s favorite part of his lego’s are displayed and a functioning part of his room now, instead of being shoved in a crate, or worse yet getting lost in the house. Win, win.
Oh, and in case you wondered, P loves them {brownie point for mom}. 

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