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Fat People Don’t Live…

It was a beautiful and peaceful afternoon. The bright Texas sun was coming in the back windows of my home casting perfect light across the table. Jennifer Garner was on Dr. Oz talking about her new movie “Miracles from Heaven”. I sat listening while working on a custom order from my shop. She quoted something pretty profound that Christy Beam had said in the movie, “We live like every day is a miracle”. My thoughts turned to how every single day is in fact a miracle and you don’t have to wait for one big miracle to see God’s hand in our lives. Miracles are found in the every day small things.
Cut to commercial…across the room the television blared, “Take back your life”. I looked up and saw an advertisement for weight loss surgery. “Start living again” and “finally love your life”. For some reason today these words reached out and hit me like a slap across the face. 
Seriously? Start living? Love your life? This must be a joke. Fat or thin LIFE IS WHAT YOU MAKE IT. I’ve been thin and I’ve been fat. I can truly attest that being thin absolutely does not make you happier. Furthermore, being over weight does not mean that you are not living life. I mean, suddenly as one get’s larger they lose their life? They may as well not exist? I can imagine what people think, that us larger people are sitting comatose on a couch eating away our day and have absolutely nothing to contribute. Well, it is all bull sh– and if you are plus sized and think you have to be thin to have a life worth living then please know that way of thinking that is bull sh– too.
I have personally lived in a few moment’s of “I’ll be happy when I weigh 150”. I am here to tell you and can truly say what happens. Guess what? When you hit 150 you still aren’t happy. You may feel better for a moment in time as the goal has been achieved. But there will always be something else that you need to be “truly” happy. This is because happiness is an inside job. It isn’t a number on a scale or a size inside your jeans. It is something that starts deep inside your soul and as it grows it sprouts into every facet of your life. Being happy on the inside is what makes you love your life and live it to it’s fullest. It isn’t your size.
If you are larger and you are reading this and you are trapped in the mind-set which society likes to dictate, that you cannot live life or truly be happy if you are over-weight, then I want you to do a few things. I want you to rock you regardless of your size. I want you to love yourself. I want you to put on those plus size pants and work it. Because people need you, you make a difference, you are valuable, you are beautiful, you can do amazing things, and YOU CAN MAKE YOUR LIFE ANYTHING YOU WANT. 
I loved the quote from Christy Beam, “We live like every day is a miracle”. No matter our size, we are all miracles and we all have a purpose here on earth. Each day every single one of us can be a gift or a miracle in someone else’s life. And doing just that, my friends, is an inside job which brings about the ultimate happiness.

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