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Girls Camp Fundraiser Centerpieces

One of my favorite things to do is to come up with centerpiece ideas for events. A centerpiece doesn’t need to be complicated and often can be put together by using things you have in your home.
Each year our church Young Women’s {youth group} has a fundraiser where they do an auction to raise money to go to girls camp. I was asked to help come up with a centerpiece. Here are a few questions I always ask myself when putting together a table for an event.
What is the the theme of the event? In this case, it was girls camp.
Is there a quote or scripture that will be used in the program? In this case it was Alma 34:32 “Time to Prepare to Meet God”. I simply made a print out using the “Benjamin Franklin” font on my computer. I chose this font because it felt organic and fit the overall feeling of what I wanted to convey.
What are items that I can incorporate that go along with the theme? I opened scriptures and highlighted the entire scripture, signifying leaning on the scriptures as a way to prepare to meet God.
Another thing that instantly stuck out was to use a lantern. It is always fun to use a light source in a centerpiece. I was thinking this could also be very rustic and a oil lamp or kerosene lamp that would be used while camping. Other ideas I had were to put a box of matches, some wood, a compass… anything that goes with finding your way through life.
What colors should be used? In this case I went very simple with browns and whites. I had some dark brown burlap on hand so I cut it into squares. This adds a layer of interest rather than everything being on the white table cloth. It also reminds me of camping and being grounded to the earth. I like the idea of using burlap because it is a very organic and earthy element.
What can I use for varying heights? In this case I used an antiqued wooden crate. This added my third element, because things always look better in odd numbers. Notice that there are five items total on the table.
I hope this inspires you to come up with your own easy themed centerpiece for your next event.
xoxo, Amylia

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