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He Lives


The beautiful colors of yellow, gold, and red in the sky took my breath away. This evening, the night before Easter Sunday, would be the same that Christ was crucified nearly 2000 years ago. My heart was somewhat heavy; knowing what He did for me, a sinner. I took off my shoes and planted my feet into the grass, feeling the cool ground beneath me, becoming one with the earth just for a moment. As I stood there watching the huge red sun set time seemed to stand still. As I pondered what Christ did for me I felt more connected to that event years ago than I ever have before.

The beautiful sun quickly escaped into the distance, as if being swallowed up by the earth, leaving a gorgeous red and gold colored horizon in its path. That pathway of bright light zig zagged across the sky and upward towards heaven. As I looked up my heart transformed from hurt and sorrow to complete joy and gratitude. I knew once again, with a warm burning in my bosom; that He lived, that He redeemed my sins, and that He gave his very life for me. Furthermore, I knew as sure as the sun will rise again tomorrow, that He also rose that first Easter years ago.






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