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Ideal Protein Week One


“I ate two entire cucumbers today!” I laughed out loud as I told my daughter. Now that is a sentence I have never used before. Some pretty amazing things happened during week one of my Ideal Protein Journey but the most important is that I made it through. I’m not going to lie, the first three days adjusting to this diet are not fun. But today, my 7th day, was fun because at my appointment I found out that I lost a total of 6 pounds!

I feel like last week was an emotional rollercoaster of events. We got some bad news right on the hardest day for me, day three. I cried a lot that day and just stayed in my yoga pants. I decided sometimes it is good to have a day to be sad, so that I can really embrace and be grateful for the happy ones.

On a different note I have a little bit of advice. Don’t start the first week of a huge eating change with restrictions on everything “sugar” the week your son turns 13 and has a pizza sleepover party with your favorite cheese cake. Especially when you are exhausted from a diet change and low on energy from going into ketosis. But if you do decide to start the week of a birthday party then make sure you end it by celebrating with a holiday too. You know, because there’s no candy during Easter or anything tempting like that. haha

After that sort of week you can imagine how I felt when I woke up today and had accomplished a full week of NOT GIVING UP. I was elated and overjoyed {but mostly glad I didn’t give into the urge to eat a bag of chocolate robin eggs}. My heart was bursting with gratitude because after our mid-week trial D and I realized how blessed we are and how sometimes things don’t go your way because there is something better on the horizon. We had a beautiful faith building experience {but more on that later}. 

I was so happy that when I was getting ready for the day I took lipstick and wrote “I am Grateful for my Life” on the bathroom mirror.


Okay, so now for the good stuff…Instead of listing my day and all of the food I ate this week I am going to write a list of reason’s why I love this diet.

  1. The Food. Seriously, just knowing I can grab exactly what I need to eat HELPS ME. There is no thinking about what to eat or major preparations. Basically all I have to think about is dinner and that makes this mom of 26 years HAPPY.
  2. The Structure. I always have done better on a schedule, especially written down. IP has a little book that I carry with me in my purse and I log all of the foods and supplements that I have taken each day.
  3. Accountability. To get my food I have to go and visit my coach once a week. He reviews my foods and gives advice. I love this part and Jeff in the Rockwall office does a great job.
  4. Tracking System. IP has a website where I can log into at home and track my progress to keep up motivation. Each week I see Jeff he takes my measurements, my weight and my BCA.
  5. Recipes. IP has hired a sous chef who is featured on their YouTube channel. He gives a variety of ideas and recipes for cooking unrestricted meals.
  6. Videos. Each week I get motivational videos in my email to watch.

All six of these reasons have set me up for success. However, the largest reason I got through this week is because I have had a paradigm shift over the past few years in the way I see myself. I really don’t feel the “I can’t wait to loose” and anxiety about quickly shedding pounds anymore. This time, I have come into liking myself how I am and loving me. Because of that attitude I will get dressed and wear cute clothes and do something fun regardless of being plus sized. As the weight comes off that is an extra treat. But I love me, just the way I am {and best of all D does too}. I know that loosing weight won’t make me a happier or a better person, I will still be me. But it will make me a healthier person and that is what I am striving for.

Today Jeff and I spoke about a goal weight for me. This is a touchy subject because I do not want to be skinny. I just want to be “normal”. The first number he threw out was an absolute NO WAY. I think we have agreed to see what my BCA is when I hit 190 and go from there. I am thinking 180 sounds like a “perfectly normal me”.

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