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If The Shoe Fits

I have a favorite pair of shoes that I bought years ago from Target. They are gladiator sandals which I’ve worn so often that the soles are literally peeling apart. However, the black woven fabric is beautifully in tact and the back zippers still work perfectly.  If these had been owned by anyone else they may have been tossed in the trash by now. But not me, I have plans to have these shoes repaired.

I started thinking about these gladiator sandals and why I loved them so much when asked to bring my favorite pair of shoes to a women’s activity. I then realized that these shoes say a lot more about me that I ever could have thought.

Purchased at Target: Just like me, these shoes aren’t designer made or better than any other shoes.

Gladiator Sandal: Like a gladiator, I am a fighter and I do not give up on life. When trials come I sharpen my “blade” and work harder.

They are Old: I find myself feeling blessed and embracing my age. Aging is a privilege, not a right.

Unique Style: I’ve never seen anyone in this exact pair of shoes before. I am a unique individual and embrace those differences.

Beautiful Woven Fabric: My life experiences have woven me into the woman I am today.

Worn out soles: I make mistakes all of the time, but just as these shoes can be taken to the cobbler, I can get on my knees and pray for forgiveness and heal my weary “soul”.

So, you see, THE SHOE FITS! What are your favorite shoes and what do they say about you?


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