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My Ideal Protein Journey

This is me in my 5 foot 10 inch tall size 20 full figured almost 45 year old body. I’m wearing “blah, blah, blah” on my shirt today because this pretty much sums up how I feel most days and I got a good laugh out of wearing it this particular day. I literally cannot wait for any transformation to occur. I know it is not going to be easy, the older I get, the harder it has become to loose weight.
I’ve decided to put all of my hopes and dreams for a healthier ME into a program I heard about called Ideal Protein. My concerns this time with loosing weight are definitely intertwined with my overall health. I find myself walking around every day scared I am going to get some horrible disease caused by obesity. I often find myself feeling like a deflated balloon and not having the stamina that I used to. Even though I will put on a smile, dress the part, and try to rock any outfit– I know I am slowly and surely killing myself.
The goal for me is that I would like my BMI to reflect being healthy and fit. I don’t want to be skinny, I want to be healthy. I want to have my curves and enough meat on my bones to feel sexy. I don’t want to achieve the crazy impossible of weighing what I did in high school. I fear I would end up with a sunken face and a skeletal frame of a body. I just want to be normal, isn’t normal good?
I have deprived myself for so may years the attention, time, and money I really deserve to take care of me that I find myself not knowing how to do it. I’ve also denied myself feeling justified to put myself first. So today marks the day I start putting myself first, a day at a time, and to becoming a healthier me.
I am writing down this journey not only for me, but to possibly give someone else strength and courage to make a healthy change. I am certain that there may be someone out there who feels similar.
I know this is going to be hard. But as I look at the food plan and read the literature given to me at my appointment today I glean some sort of strength. I reach out and see HOPE in the immediate future. I’ll grab all of that hope up and hold onto it as I begin my journey into week one.
I recommend the following foods to add to your Ideal Protein Diet. They are available at amazing prices too!

Β Join me on my personal weight loss journey to better health using Ideal Protein. I will be posting updates weekly along with experiences and stories of hope and courage. I am not receiving any money to promote IP. I’ve come to learn that any diet works if you are consistent. However, I have chosen this particular diet because it transitions naturally into Paelo to maintain weight loss.

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