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Now that is service I can sink my teeth into…

I absolutely loved making corsages for each family member 
to wear at the funeral of their precious son. 

Have you ever been asked to do something that you really didn’t want to do? Something service oriented? Knowing that if you say “no” you will feel like a criminal who ought to be jailed? Worse yet, if you turn down service you may be “black listed”, never to be asked to give again? I mean, seriously, how dare you EVER turn down an opportunity to give service?

I’m a huge proponent of giving service. The more one gives, the more one receives. The power of karma–yes I’m a believer. I always tell my kids that if you are feeling down then do something for someone else. The problem I found was that often times the word service comes with a stigma of “work I don’t particularly like to do”. Changing the way I looked at service years ago began my journey into absolutely loving to give it. Service doesn’t have to be something you don’t want to do, in fact, it should not be. The great thing is that it is okay for each person to choose what type of service that they enjoy giving and do that. Heavenly Father has given gifts to every person and each individual possesses strengths which are different from others. One person’s strong suit may not be one of mine, which is what makes the world a beautiful and interesting place to live.

I find that when I am inspired to give service that I often magnify it. Because the desire comes from within I will have excitement to preform the task at hand better than I have done it before and my joy is increased. I prefer to give service where I can praise the Lord and glorify Him by using the talents which He has generously, lovingly, and specifically given just to me.
With my new mind-set I let the spirit guide me as to where I am needed and where I can give the kind of service which I can truly magnify. I often pray for inspiration as to who may need a special lift or act of kindness. Who needs me today? Who needs a smile, a hug, or a visit. Giving service daily is often just the little things. These acts end up being the most priceless to me, the ones that I keep secret and are just between the recipient, the Lord, and myself.
The other day I was asked if I would mind helping with some centerpieces for a service auction. I said, “I’d love to”. What may have taken someone else days to come up with took me only an hour. I utilized the talents that Heavenly Father has so freely given me. More than that, I was grateful for the opportunity and it was fun doing it. I realized that this was one type of service {among many others} that I could really sink my teeth into. 
xoxo, Amylia


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