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Planning Your Daughter’s Wedding: Photography

One word of advice, when riding two hours together to the venue with your daughters photographer you may not want to fall asleep with huge sunglasses on. She just might think you are very rude and are ignoring her. But then again, you will all get a good laugh out of it later. {Jokes on me!}
MOB’s I know you are very tired at this point, but now is not the time to be sleeping. Come on, wake up, let’s get going. It is one month before the wedding we’ve got a Bridal shoot to get done so that there will be some deliciously gorgeous pictures of your girl for display at the reception.
I know you had to rush order the wedding gown and then it took two weeks to be altered for the perfect fit. The bridal shoot had to be pushed back and at this point you will be lucky to have just a few pictures ready to choose from for the display. There is so much to do. But today, just today, try to enjoy and savor this moment.
Today you will see her in her beautiful wedding gown, hair done, make up on point, and it will seem like a fairy tale unfolding before your eyes.
Today, for two short hours during this session, will most likely be the longest time you will see her and be able to soak up every moment {undisturbed} while she is in her wedding gown. So this is it. Take this moment in, and make it last.
We hired Jennefer Wilson link here to take all of the photography for us. From the engagement, to the bridals, a private boudoir, the ceremony and finally the reception. She did an over the top absolutely fantastic A+ job. Hiring the perfect photographer was at the tip top of our list!
We drove together {while I dozed off} to the Bridal venue, we chose to visit a beautiful old mansion in McKinney Texas where the grounds are full of beautiful gardens.
The day was an extremely hot and humid, {over 100 degrees) but we were living in the moment and hardly noticed.
While watching my daughter I remembered her birth and her childhood flashed before my eyes. It was hard to hold back the tears.
I remember how she would get so excited when her daddy would come home from work and run to him and excitedly giggle and squeal with delight as he picked her up.
I remembered playing dolls countless hours with her, it was one of our favorite things to do.
I realized how quickly time goes by and how grateful I am for all of the wonderful memories I have of raising her. I felt so lucky that I am this beautiful young ladies mother.
In my heart I said a prayer, thanking Heavenly Father for entrusting me to raise this precious daughter of his.
I was grateful for everything that I experienced while raising her, she has helped me grow in ways I never could have without her.
I felt proud of her, she is beautiful inside and out. She is a very bright and brilliant girl who really understands life and has it together. I am so excited for her future.
I felt grateful that I am not only her mother, but that I am her friend.
This day will be one that I will always remember, the day I that saw my beautiful baby girl grow up and become a bride right before my very eyes.
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