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The Stalwart Woman

We all know a few of those people, the women who seem so incredibly strong and capable of doing anything. Looking at them from a far they are noticed continually making a difference. They are always going the extra mile in their own home as well as in the community or at church. They are the ones who are making a difference in other people’s lives. Often they go and help friends when they are sick by bringing in dinners, they are the first to rush over when someone dear needs help, and they are the first to spread out their arms and openly accept and help bear one another’s burdens.
These women seem untouchable, almost unwavering in strength, and often it feels like they would never have a problem in the world. From a distance their lives look picture perfect. Sometimes to the point where they seem unapproachable and not relatable. Sometimes they make other’s feel like they aren’t good enough, although this is never their intent. Often times other’s won’t approach them or befriend them because they feel intimidated in some sort of way. Sadly enough, often these women can be talked poorly about by those who may be jealous of their seemingly perfect lives.
I’ve had the opportunity a time or two to get to know a few of these ladies on a personal basis. Some are my life long friends and sisters. I love to have them in my life because they help me raise to a level of positivity and understanding that I glean from. Quite frankly, they make me a better me.
What I do know that other’s may not, is that these women who always run to the rescue often times need rescued themselves. They may not shout it out, but late at night when they are alone their burdens at times are too much to carry. Often they cry, they struggle, and they hurt. They are just as much human as you and I. You see, I’ve found, that the helpers are hurting too.
So next time you see one of those stalwart ladies I bet you a million dollars it would make her day to give her a large embrace and tell her that you appreciate her. Be a blessing, be a friend, sit by her at church, say hello as you are passing by, or wave as you drive by in your car. Because she needs you, I can promise you that. And you know it too, because she is YOU!

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