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Ideal Protein Week 2


Last week I spontaneously decided to hop on a flight and spend five days with D in New York. With only a day and a half to prepare before leaving I simply grabbed my IP meals and checked my luggage so I could bring my favorite ready-made strawberry banana drink. Come hell or high water I was determined to stay on IP.

Having my food in NY with me really saved my life. I easily made my little oatmeal packs at the hotel in the mornings and took my drinks with me. I only had to worry about eating out for dinner. This wasn’t a real huge challenge, I just tried to stay away from carbs and ate salads. I can’t lie, there were a few cheats and I definitely ate more calories than I would have at home. I had nuts, cheese, and I had half of a little bowl of delicious clam chowder one night. By the end of the trip I told myself I would count my week a success if I had not gained any weight.

Today I flew back into Dallas and drove directly to my IP appointment. You can imagine my surprise when I found out that I had lost two pounds. Jeff told me that a two pound loss for a woman is very normal. Again, I was grateful that I did not give up this week, especially during a fun filled trip to New York City. {I’m grinning while patting myself on the back right now}.

However, I also found out some pretty disheartening news; I am carrying 20 pounds of water weight. My water weight actually went up instead of down this week. I am pretty concerned because I had purposely increased my water intake by double, attempting to flush out and hoping my body would let go of what it was holding. The plan going forward is to increase my potassium vitamins {shown below}, eliminate salt, and continue drinking lots of water. If my water doesn’t start going down by next week I think I will make myself a doctor appointment and see what is going on. Typically a woman will hold 1 to 2 pounds of water, not 20. No wonder my joints ache and I feel like like a tall long balloon. haha.


I want to talk about the IP food. I really love it {and I am not getting paid to say this}. My favorite right now are the salt and vinegar chips. When I eat a bag they taste like I am having carbs and the flavor is really great. Salt and vinegar chips were one of my previous loves so when I found a direct exchange I was excited. Since I am eating a lot of vegetables and lean meat I find myself wanting to eat a treat. This is why I bought the vanilla crispy squares; which taste like rice crispy treats. I miss fruit and yogurt in the mornings so the strawberry banana drink really satisfies.

While in New York D and I attempted several times to take a decent picture of ourselves together. After the tenth selfie fail I jokingly said, “let’s come back when we are thin!” So I don’t have a photo to share of me. Besides two pounds doesn’t look different on my 5 foot 10 inch frame. In hind-site I should have brought my selfie stick–you know, to get that perfect angle which eliminates the good ol’ double chin. haha

Amazon offers some amazing foods to use in conjunction with your Ideal Protein diet plan. They are a fraction of the price and taste amazing too.

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