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In a New York Minute: Statue of Liberty


Did you know that Lady Liberty is a Jersey girl who was born in France? She faces all the boats coming into harbor, as a welcome. Tickets to see her are purchased through New Jersey Parks and Recreation. If you search on the internet to buy tickets you will have several third party ticket sales pop up and most likely, not knowing better, will buy from them. This will cost you double and if anything happens and your ferry is shut down, makes for a nightmare to get a refund.


Closed train station, Liberty State Park, NJ

We know, because this is what happened to us. The day we were scheduled for our tour to the top of Lady Liberty a storm came through and the coast guard shut down all tours. You can purchase tickets here.


Ruins on the pier from Hurricane Sandy.

If you want to go up inside the crown you’ll need purchase your tickets a few months in advance, so plan ahead. We chose to leave from Liberty State Park in New Jersey because I wanted to see the views of the city on the other side. But there are also ferry’s offered from Battery Street Park in NYC.


Liberty State Park Boardwalk

Even though we didn’t get to visit Ellis Island and Lady Liberty, we still had a great time…just look at those views. “Let’s come back when we’re thin” I joked with D after our tenth selfie fail. D laughed and agreed. There will definitely be a NEXT TIME.


View of Freedom Tower from Liberty State Park.

Photography Credit: Douglas Coover {aka cutest.photographer.ever.}

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