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In A New York Minute


If a New Yorker can do in an instant what a Texan can do in a minute, then this Dallas girl better get her hustle on. I just spontaneously jumped on a plane to meet D in NYC for the weekend. I only have a few days to see it all and I am already anxious. I know that in a blink of an eye I will be boarding Virgin America and heading back into the heart of Texas. Lucky for me, Mr. D is no greeny to the city and has written an all-inclusive tour which can be done in three days. {The best part of having him as my tour guide is that I also get to snuggle with him at night}. Regardless if you have a snuggle guide with you or not, this New York Minute Tour will hit every highlight in the Big Apple. Join D and I as we put on our best walking shoes and hit the pavement.

D has split the city into three bite size sections. I have to warn you that these aren’t regular bite sizes. You know when you have a delicious pastry and someone asks for a taste? You hesitate, but go ahead and share, only to watch them take this enormous chunk? Well that is the type of bite size I am talking about. These enormous “chunks” consist of Uptown, Midtown, and Downtown New York City. {Anyone have a pastry?}

Here’s a few ideas to consider before you book your weekend trip:

Fly in before dinner. You’ll have plenty of time to go directly into the city and start the tour. Besides, who doesn’t want to eat in the city?

Fly out Monday morning. Who wants to leave on Sunday night? There’s so much to do. Take half a day off and fly home on Monday instead. If getting time off is not an option, sleep on the red-eye home.

Pack comfortable shoes. Cute ones nonetheless, but cozy is key.

Pack Light. Seriously…leave room in your bag for a downtown shopping spree!

Leave the designer purse at home. Yep, ain’t nobody got time for lugging Phillip Lim all over NYC. Believe me, your arm will thank you too.

Buy Water. Once here, stop at the local grocery at some point and buy a case of water bottles to throw in the trunk of your rental. A parched tourist in NYC is not a happy tourist. Besides this will save you loads along the way.

Now that you are packed, here, and ready to go…follow D and I on our journey through the {soon to be} links below.

In a New York Minute: Downtown Tour

In a New York Minute: Uptown Tour

In a New York Minute: Midtown Tour

In a New York Minute: Ellis Island Tour

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