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Keep On Going: Booth OPEN in Canton


Whelp, my little booth in Canton is OPEN. I’ve already met several women, like myself, who are doing their thing and living their dream. There is such happy vibe here in Trade Center IV. So far I’m loving it and just being here feels great.

I stumbled across this quote by Charles F. Kettering:

“KEEP ON GOING and chances are you will stumble on SOMETHING perhaps when you are least expecting it. I have never heard of anyone stumbling on something SITTING DOWN.”

When I read this it made me smile. When you get out and live life you never know what will come from just being present. Here’s the thing though, you’ve got to show up or it will pass you by. So this is me today, sitting in my little booth in Canton, listening to the rain outside and feeling at peace because I showed up today. I kept going. I didn’t sit down. Isn’t life wonderful? I think so.

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