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I’m a mom, a crafter, a doer {and definitely a girl boss}. One minute I will be saying prayers with my son, taking him to school, or rushing out the door for an appointment. An instant later I’m cleaning my house, whipping up a meal, or in the back yard cutting wood and creating. My favorite to wear is a simple tee-shirt that is cute enough to put a flannel or jacket over to dress up. But it also needs to be stylish enough to wear on its own and cozy enough to work hard in. The problem is that for over a year I have searched and searched for the type of tee-shirt I want only to find out that it does not exist in my size.

One day I was at a friend’s house and mentioned how I loved her shirt, asking where she had gotten it. She pulled it up on her computer, of course it was on-line, and sold out. The fact that it did not even come in my size was enough to set me off again. I came home mad {seriously I was furious}. I scoured the internet again hoping to find a simple, fun, stylish tee-shirt that I would love to wear. NOTHING. Then it came to me…a small voice with a brilliant idea said, “Make your own”. I thought, “Make my own?” Then it came again, “Make your own.” Oh “D will never go for this” was the next thought that crossed my mind. I smiled and laughed out loud as I pushed that thought away. Ultimately {as usual} I get my way where D is concerned, so I didn’t let that hold me back. Fast forward three months later and what am I doing? MAKING MY OWN. 

I have recently dubbed this my personal mission. I want plus size women to feel loved, valued, and to know their worth in society. I am tired of plus size women being discriminated against. We are not treated equal and it often goes that the largest person in the room is ignored–many people pretending that we don’t even exist. It is exhausting to watch and to live. Every woman has so much to offer this world, not just the thin ones.

I was thin until my 30’s, so I personally know the difference in the way I am treated when I am larger. It is shameful. To top off sometimes feeling down for being heavy–there is the fact that there are only a few clothing choices out there that are cute enough {in my opinion} to wear. Usually these styles come with a large price tag which make it ridiculously unaffordable.

Hey, PLUS SIZE CLOTHING DESIGNERS…I don’t want to look like a glammed up grandma trying to be chic. I JUST WANT TO LOOK NORMAL. Can I look normal and be big? Apparently NOT in your eyes. So here we plus sized women go, selecting the polyester stretchy pants and a huge tee-shirt from Wal-Mart to wear. After all it is better than that blinged-out blouse covered in pearls and glitter. It’s just not fair.

I know what it is like to not want to go out to a party or out with friends because I have nothing cute to wear. I know how it is to give into pressure while shopping with skinny friends in boutiques and being convinced into buying the XL shirt {as they repeatedly insist “it will fit”}. Only to come home, put it on, and watch as it slowly rolls up my mid-section. The struggle is real, I hate to say it, but unless you have been where I have and walked in my shoes you will just never understand.

I also know that the right clothing makes me feel more beautiful. It helps my self-esteem. It makes me not care that I am big, it helps me realize that I am enough, it helps show my inner beauty, and it helps me love myself even more. Plain and simple, it makes me HAPPY. You see, I can sport a cute hair cut, wear stylish clothing THAT FITS, and work ME. Besides, I kinda like me just the way I am. I want YOU to like you, just the way YOU ARE.  And that is why I started designing and offering NORMAL, cute, fun, trendy, comfortable tee’s for all of us PLUS SIZE FAB GIRLS.

PS: I will be in Pavillon 4 at Canton First Monday April 28-May 1st.
PSS: I will be launching my web store late May or early June on this site (look for the new tab to arrive).
PSSS: I will offer my line in sizes to 3x.
PSSSS: I’m grateful for all the love and support given to me in this journey.

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