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#wifey tee


I love being a wifey. It’s one of my favorite things, so a few years ago when wifey tee-shirts hit boutiques I was so excited. That was until I tried to squeeze my perfectly plus body into one. I was totally bummed to say the least. Well, until now. I have combined two of my favorite things together; a cute baseball tee with the most adorable #wifey script across the front.

When I picked these tee’s up yesterday I was thrilled to see my dream realized. I couldn’t get home fast enough to put it on. I can’t wait to offer it to YOU so you can happily wear a #wifey shirt too.

The baseball tee is instantly slimming. The A line towards the neck and dark sleeves flatter even the fullest figure. The great thing is that they are just as adorable on every woman too. I believe we are all created equal, regardless of our size, and this baseball tee proves just that!

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