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Ideal Protein Week 5: I Cheated!!


I had no intention of doing it, I hadn’t even gone there in my imagination. There I was, minding my own business, behaving exemplary, when the biggest temptation walked in the door. As soon as I noticed it I was taken back, “oh sh–” literally came out of my mouth. D looked over shocked, “what’s wrong?”

“Look over there” is all I could do as I pointed. I couldn’t even say what it was, because IT literally is my biggest weakness. As the day wore on it started calling my name, “come and get me, you know you want me”. Every justification went through my mind. Every reason as to why I deserved to cheat. It had been almost five weeks without one mistake. Today I deserved this, after not losing anything the past two weeks I thought “what is the point”. Then I did the inevitable, I walked up and bought two bags. Wasting no time at all I opened up Mr. Jalapeno Cheese and Mr. Kettle. Amylia is my name, indulging in popcorn was my game.

After devouring almost half a bag I looked at D and said, “Do you know what sounds good? Stopping at Buc-ees for tots and their BLT for dinner.” And that was that. I had officially fallen off the wagon. Four and a half weeks into my Ideal Protein diet and apparently I was tossing in the towel. This was utter madness, but in the moment it felt oh so good.

The cheating didn’t stop there, of course, because if I am going to cheat I’ve got to go all out and do it with style. As if on auto-pilot I grabbed the largest cup available and filled it with Dr. Pepper, you know, sugar style. Let’s not forget light on the ice so I can swallow up as much of that delicious syrup as possible.

When I got to the car I began shoveling food into my mouth. Half way into the sandwich I began feeling like crap. It didn’t even taste that good. I took two sips of DP and said, “I think this is mixed wrong, it tastes weird” and put it down. As the food settled in my stomach I began to feel gross. Later that night I felt worse and believe me if I was one who could gag myself with a spoon I probably would have. It was that bad.

I determined a few things from this experience. I am a pro a self-destruction when it comes to eating badly and I need to end the cycle. Furthermore, eating like that doesn’t really bring me pleasure. It doesn’t taste as good as I remember. My body feels better when I am eating clean. It functions better and my moods are stabilized without all the ups and downs of glucose high’s. I’m overall a happier person when I feed my body what it needs instead of what it wants. Furthermore, I am definitely a happier person when I am in control of myself.

I decided that cheating was just what I needed to gain this new perspective. It’s never too late to start over. If I’m not happy with yesterday I can try something different today. I am not going to stay stuck, I will do better. The next day when I woke up I went back on Ideal Protein with even more determination. I was excited to embrace this as a lifestyle change and to love myself despite of my many failures.

Today at my weekly weigh in I was excited to see that the scale had made a significant drop. I’ve been vacillating between zero to one pound losses for the past two weeks, even gaining a pound last week. I actually dropped seven pounds, putting my total weight loss right at 18.75 pounds in five weeks.

{I know that the big loss was due to coming off of the steroid medication to regain my hearing. As soon as my hearing returned I started weaning off the medication and boy has it made a difference. I was glad that I hadn’t given up while on the medication because I would have gained a whole lot more than one pound during that time.}


Picture taken during week 3 of IP.

That sum’s up week five on my Ideal Protein Journey. I’m so excited to continue to DO BETTER as I move into week six.

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