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Ideal Protein Week 6

IMG_8328I’m really shocked and it takes a lot to shock me. I figured I had blown any chance of weight loss this week. I wasn’t on my A game, which tells me that I have the potential to lose much more quickly if I really put it first. So when I got on the scale and had dropped two more pounds last week I was blown away.

It has been a crazy week of ups and downs. I found out that there is a good possibility that I have Lupus, which was indicated in my blood tests. That made me rebound and eat a little more than I should. I know that I am a stress and depression based eater. Good thing D kept me somewhat in check or I would have completely fallen off the bandwagon.

My day’s have been consumed with getting everything ready in my on-line shop to go live. This should happen very soon! I’m thrilled and excited for my new adventure. I hope that my tee-shirt line will bless people’s lives and bring joy to them. I wear a different shirt each day and I LOVE my new tee’s. They are so soft and comfy plus stylish.

I learned three things this week. My advice for those following my weight loss journey is DO NOT GIVE UP. Even when live gets hard do the hard things, don’t decide to take the easy road.

Secondly, DON’T LET FOOD BE THE BOSS OF YOU. Take control of your life and be your own boss on all levels, especially food.

Third, OVEREATING NEVER BRINGS HAPPINESS. Staying in control does. The reward is self-love and respect.

Here’s to not giving up!Amazon offers some amazing foods to use in conjunction with your Ideal Protein diet plan. They are a fraction of the price and taste amazing too.

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