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Vintage Wooden Truck Centerpieces


Do you ever find yourself so busy that you just aren’t enjoying life anymore? Slow Down and Enjoy the Ride was the theme for Women’s Conference this year. It was taken from the scripture Mosiah 4:27, “And see that all these things are done in wisdom and order; for it is not requisite that a man should run faster than he has strength.” What an inspired message for women all over.


I was asked to make centerpieces for this event and was excited for the challenge. After several weeks of ideas flooding my head, I decided to make 27 wooden trucks. I thought it would be adorable if they were holding mason jars full of fresh floral’s. I knew I would have to build the trucks myself, and I knew it would take much more effort to make them move, so instead I made stationary trucks out of inexpensive simple dimensional wood.


I wanted the theme to be seen from both sides of the table. To do this I made little wooden sign holders from wooden dowels and clothes pins set in wooden craft candle holders. I found flat wooden signs and sprayed them with chalk board paint. My talented daughter hand wrote each sign in liquid chalk with her beautiful calligraphy.


The bed of the truck holds a simple mason jar full of floral arrangements. Each arrangement was unique but all were out of white floral’s. I also added a salt and pepper shaker in the truck as well. Notice that the front and back of each truck there is a chalk board license plate with the scripture reference. Such a fun little detail.


I knew that I needed a third element and first was going to put another floral arrangement in a tin can, however, when it came time to set up inspiration went further and it seemed perfect to put the clear plastic cutlery inside the cans. The tin cans were hand painted with black chalk paint and were wrapped three times and tied off with jute twine for visual interest. The jute twine added the element of color that is found in the distressed truck as well as the cedar platform everything sat on.


The wooden platforms I made from simple cedar fencing. To antique them I used a gallon of white vinegar and steel wool. Simple put in a bucket and toss in the steel wool. Cover and let sit over night. Paint on with wide brush and let dry, as it does the wood begins to look weathered. My friend Teri made a beautiful headboard the same way and shared her secrets. {Thank you Teri}! A BIG thank you to my dear friend Heather Earl for helping me set everything up and finish little details on Friday. Also a big shout out to my sweet friend Kelly Tillotson for loading it all up afterwards and delivering it back home. I am so grateful for wonderful friends and the opportunity I had to serve.



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