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The Tree Who Wanted to Be a Bird



My neighbors have a tree in their yard. This tree began growing sideways, reaching high up into the sky this tree wanted to be a bird, it wanted to fly.

To prevent this from happening the owners staked the tree, first to the left, then again to the right. Strong ties now held it down and wouldn’t allow this tree to fly.

I like to think that this little tree tried. As a matter of fact, for several years, this little tree continued to grow a bit taller and a bit bigger. The tree had a nice girth and each spring grew new branches with beautiful green leaves. It looked strong, it looked normal and it looked just like a tree; not the bird it wanted to be.

However, those ties were still holding it away from true happiness. The bands holding it back were so tight that no one could tell, but something horrible was happening inside this beautiful tree. It was ever so slowly giving up hope.

No one suspected, least of all me. The tree didn’t cry out for help and seemed so strong, never showing a sign of sadness. You see, it had finally resorted to the fact that it would always just be a tree, it would never soar in the beautiful blue sky with roots and stakes holding down into the ground.

One evening, during a particularly strong storm, this gorgeous tree finally gave up. The stress from the bands holding it back became too much. It decided it would rather give up than keep living being stuck to the ground. The following morning, there it was found, lying on the green grass.

This gorgeous tree full of potential and beauty snapped right at the very point that both bands held it back. I wish I had known. I wish I would have loosened those bands. I wish I would have let this tree be a bird and fly up high in the sky. Forever happy, forever living its dream.

If you are a tree that wants to be a bird but life has you planted in the ground, roots so deep you feel that you will never escape or bands so tight you feel you will never be free…DO NOT GIVE UP. There is an answer. There is always hope and there is always a way. There are people who love you. You are important, your dreams are important, you are loved, and you would be terribly missed. Please find the courage to ask for help, do it for you and do it for me.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1 (800) 273-8255
~In loving memory of George B. Coover, may you fly high for eternity.

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