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Room Divider is Entryway Decor Solution


I have the longest wall in my entryway. When I first moved in I put a collage of family photos up which ultimately I moved where it was celebrated better. This space I have is quite challenging for a few reasons. First of all it is more like a hallway than an entryway. For this reason every time I put an entry table here it feels squishy and out-of-place. I have “forced” many solutions and ultimately have taken them down because it just wasn’t feeling right.

I entertained the thought of making a custom table that was long and thin for this space. But then what? More collage wall? I have so many in my house and it is getting a bit ridiculous. I mean, how many collage walls can one have before you are collaged out? I just wanted something simple and BIG.

Finally I came to the conclusion that what would look amazing is if we cut into the fourth bedroom behind this wall and installed barn doors it would look fabulous. D would have nothing to do with that kind of project. So my next thought was, what if I made three smaller barn doors from wood and put them up as wall panels? I liked this idea the most. Except for the making them part.

I looked into buying wooden barn doors. Ummm, no way. $500 a door on the cheap end; this idea was slowly dying. I even went to Kirkland Home where they have faux wood panels for $150 each, but they wouldn’t even be large enough for the space that I have. Nothing was working…

So this wall has sat empty for a long, long time. Until one day I was walking through Target and spotted this amazing wooden lattice room divider. “WHAT A MONEY SAVING IDEA”, I thought! I can simply take each panel apart and hang them separately on the wall.

That is exactly what I did. Instead of paying upwards of $150-$500 for each wooden panel I got away with a steal, each ending up around $40 {after the sale price}.

Sometimes good design just can’t be forced. I always tell people who look at my home and love what I have done that it takes time. Most of the things I have are a collection throughout the years and me waiting to find what will work best. Next time you need something for a space just keep your eyes out and don’t settle, I promise a few months down the road you will find the perfect solution. The universe will bring it to you…just as you pictured {or even better}.

Now I can’t wait to find the perfect wreath to hang on that center panel. Then my entry space will be complete.


UPDATE to post: If you LIKE it then you better put a WREATH on it! I bought this wreath HERE.


ANOTHER UPDATE: I added this hand made sign I made to bring in a little bit of fall. Another idea I had was if this wreath was hung on a chalk board to write JOY inside the center with white chalk.

Some more fun ideas for room dividers…use them as huge art by separating them and hanging them in a family room. I love this one which can be found HERE.

I also love this one which can be found HERE.

Use a room divider as a headboard. A three panel screen fits perfect across a full or queen size bed. A four panel bed works perfectly across a king size bed. By adding hardware these can easily be hung on the wall, keeping them as one large piece.

I love this one for a king bed, which can be found HERE.

The hardware that I used to securely hang my screen to the wall is shown above.

I also used the same hardware when I used a screen as my daughters headboard.

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      Thank you! I will be adding a wreath and finishing this project soon!

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