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Never give up Hope


The past five years have been quite the journey for D and I. I have learned so many things through our trials. We have grown closer as a couple {as well as a family} than ever before and for that I am grateful. It was he and I against the world when we chose to elope almost 24 years ago. I didn’t realize back then that this would be a continuing theme throughout our lives.

Together we’ve learned a few things about hopes and dreams. But when your hopes and dreams continue to be led to closed doors it is easy to give up. But don’t. Because God is closing those doors to open even better ones. You can’t see it because it hurts so bad. This hurt changes you because it forces growth in ways you’d never imagine. It is nothing you would ever want to go through or ever wish on your worst enemy. At times you see glimpses of miracles and this brings you to your knees with gratitude, and crazy enough, grateful for the trial. Because through that trial you found a new and better you. You found your strength and you can see why every other door was closed. It is part of your journey and you finally relent and leave things in His hands, embracing and loving your life. But never ever giving up hope again. Because you realize something amazing. He wants you to have the most beautiful ending and He is orchestrating everything behind the scenes with His most perfect timing.

So today we have renewed HOPE and are so grateful for our lives and yes, this includes our trials. We have dreams we’ve both got to catch and I write this today with a certainty that those dreams will come true.

I see trees of green

red roses too

I see them bloom

for me and for you.

And I think to myself

what a wonderful world.

This is a lesson I keep learning over and over again. For more on this topic click this link: Maybe, Just Maybe. #nevergiveup

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