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Home Sweet Home Tour


I’ve always wanted to do a Dallas Texas Home Tour for my family and friends who live to far away. Which is pretty much everyone because we are Texas Transplants. I figured that this was the perfect time because right now my house is so clean I could lick the floors. And I am not kidding. But let’s be real, it is only because I am moving to Reno and selling my home {sniff, sniff}. Normally it is organized chaos with piles of projects, shirts and to do lists.


Entryway and office on the left. Entry wall decor here.

Ever since D and I made the decision to relocate last week, it has been near all night stretches of finishing projects that I started years ago. I’m finally hanging up pictures I always intended to hang and even bought a mirror for the end of my hallway which I always meant to purchase. Not to mention taking truck loads of crap to donations and vowing to stop designing and making things long enough to actually clean up my back porch. And that was just the beginning. All the cleaning that had to be done was the icing on the cake. I have to give a shout out to my Realtor Jennifer who washed my glass windows from doggy nose smudges twice because I. just. could. not.


My office. The desk was to be painted but never happened. What you can’t see is my shelving with my shirt stock and fun open frame decor which I love. Curtain tutorial here.

In hind-site I wish I would have kept that Merry Maids appointment. I have no idea what in the world I was thinking by cancelling. But last week I found myself standing in the fall aisle of Hobby Lobby suffering from temporary insanity. I began reasoning that I’d rather buy a row of ceramic pumpkins for my mantle than pay someone to clean my home. Obviously I was out of my ever-loving mind {but hey, those pumpkins are freaking cute}.


Music Room in the Formal Dining Room space.

Wall collage tutorial here. Light fixture tutorial here.

Tonight my marathon cleaning and de-cluttering somewhat comes to an end–and I am beyond exhausted. Tired doesn’t even describe how my 45-year-old body feels. Word of advice, stop buying things for your home and if you cannot then never move. Because when it comes time to “Simplify” the pain reaches far into emotions you didn’t want to deal with as well as pure physical exhaustion.


Welcome Home. Music room and grand entry into Kitchen and Family Room.

Metal Orb Chandelier: Black by World Market

How to make a collage wall here.

You know you are tired of the over 100 degree Texas temps when you decide it’s time to start welcoming fall into the house a month early. I can’t wait for a cool breeze to sweep through my street and to open up some windows for a fresh cross breeze. But until then some hello fall, blessings, and gratitude signs will make do. Melting my favorite Honey Pear Cider Scentsy makes me instantly happy too.


The heart of my home, my Kitchen.

Finding the perfect griege here. Simplify Subway Sign tutorial here. How to pick smart upgrades your spec home here. How to hang a light fixture here.

I spy with my little eye my favorite lantern light fixture in my entryway. Can you see it? Geez, sure wish there was a better picture of that beauty. But it sure was a pain in the you know what to hang. Well worth it now, but there may or may not have been a few choice words said whilst installing that baby!


By far my favorite place in my home. I love my kitchen.


Kitchen and Family Room.

Modern Cornice DIY here. Stenciled Wall DIY here.


Dining Area.

Light fixture DIY here. Window Treatment DIY here.

I always intended on making window bench seating along the back wall, attached to the cabinetry. Three and a half years just wasn’t long enough in this home to do everything I wanted to do. Oh how I will miss my home.


Family Room.

Chalkboard calligraphy by sabrynamichelle.com


Clock Collage here. Window Treatments here. Open Frame Collage here. Wall Stencil here. Wreath Stands here.

Another view of my family room. I love how much seating I can fit in this huge area. You can see the ceramic pumpkins on the mantle…I’m not sure they were worth it yet. haha.




Window treatment DIY here. Bead spread DIY here. Paint color here.

And the room I never got to but had every intention of doing something great with. I did paint it a gorgeous Benjamin Moore color called Iron Gate. Recently I hung the mirrors and the idea was to get rid of the black furniture or paint it lighter.


Master Bathroom. 5 inexpensive ways to update your Bath here.

The photographer attempted to remove my metal laundry basket on casters for this picture. I pretty much said it wasn’t going to happen. I love that in this space. It makes me happy and I keep things that make me happy!


Just another view of my bathroom. This room is huge. I love it! Not shown is an even larger 17 foot walk in closet. It doubles as a dressing room.


Sabryna’s Bedroom.


Laundry room.

I love my metal WASH letters. What you can’t see well is my organized baskets so everything has a space. What you can see is that my washer was recently upgraded and we haven’t purchased the matching dryer yet. oops. It is on the to do list!


Preston’s Bedroom.

Lego Display Frames here. Headboard Tutorial {coming soon}. Nerf Gun Wall here. Wall of Shelves here.

Someone loves Halo and he is a 13-year-old boy. I made his headboard and a tutorial will be posted soon. What you can’t see from this angle is his amazing Nerf Gun Wall and his Wall of Shelves.


If you haven’t had professional photos taken of your home for the MLS they remove everything off of counters, even decor. I had to fight to keep some of my things in the photos. I love seeing personality in people’s homes. This bathroom looks a bit empty…

I am going to miss this house, miss my neighborhood, miss the people, and just plain miss Texas.


Almost four years ago the last thing I wanted to do was to move from Seattle to Dallas. But that was what our family did. As this journey comes to an end we see that being here was not by accident. Because sometimes in life, when you least expect it, you meet people who change you forever. People that make a huge impact on your life. People who mould and shape you into a better version of yourself. People who you will never, ever forget. And that is what has happened here–we’ve met the best of the best!

Photo Credit: shoot2sell.net

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