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10 Ways to Make Moving Easier


Ten Ways to Make Moving Easier:

  1. Don’t move. Just stay where you are, it is easier.
  2. Light a match. Because once you start packing all that shit into boxes you’ll wish you had.
  3. Sell what you don’t want. Better to make a few bucks than boxing it up and lugging it out to the moving truck.
  4. Give away what won’t sell. Call the local shelter to pick it up so you don’t have to haul it.
  5. Question everything. You think you want it, but can you buy newer and better for less than selling and moving it?
  6. Have a melt down. Realizing how much you own after 45 years of living & how ridiculously attached to it you are is the perfect foundation for said melt down to occur.
  7. Repeat numbers 3 & 4. Because after the melt down things will change.
  8. Only pack your favorites. And by this I mean the five outfits you always wear.
  9. Put your favorites in your car. Who needs a moving van anyway?
  10. Light that match. 

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