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I Never Met a Pumpkin I Didn’t Like

Sometime, around the same time that televisions became thin and streamlined, someone decided to hang them like a photo above the fireplace mantle AND RUINED MANTELS FOREVER.

I’m seriously often peeved at televisions. They are so utterly ugly but yet somehow seem so completely necessary to have. I have a HUGE television right above the focal point in my family room. Sitting right where a family photo should be this 60 inch black box destroys this decorators ability to have some serious mantel decor fun.

So what does a girl do? Well, I scoured Pinterest only to find that there was only one photo idea that I liked representing decorating a mantle with a television in holiday decor. ONE. And this isn’t even a real fireplace. Photo Credit here.

faux mantel fireplace003

I’m always on the look out for a fun way to decorate my mantel for holidays. I was successful for the Forth of July, using all of my Americana decor and a hand-made banner. All these findings for decor have one thing in common, they are low profile with a few placement of tall items where they won’t block the view of the seemingly most important element in this design, the big black box.

Which leads me to the story about my pumpkins. I found myself at a craft store one day and of course was there to purchase a mirror, however, because I wasn’t looking to buy anything else I noticed a few things that I felt I just couldn’t live without. How does this happen? I mean, I can have a wad of cash and go with a purpose and not find anything worth spending, but then go with no money to spend and find everything. It just isn’t fair. Especially when it comes to my ultimate weakness, which is decor.

So I saw these pumpkins. These darling ceramic pumpkins of all shapes and sizes. I was reminded of visiting Chip and JoAnna Gaines new store in Waaco last fall and seeing written on a chalk board “I never met a pumpkin I didn’t like”. I fell in love. It is so true. Pumpkins are totally cute regardless of size, shape, or color. I like them all.


So here I stood, in the middle aisle of this store, with only the money for the mirror. I faced a dilemma. I need the mirror but I love the pumpkins. Besides, the pumpkins would look adorable placed on my ever so hard to decorate mantle and being August they could be displayed until after Thanksgiving. Now that is a lot, and I mean A LOT of usage for a row of adorable pumpkins.

I thought some more. My mind raced as to where I could rob Peter to pay Paul and get the money for these pumpkins. Then it came to me! I remembered that I had set an appointment to hire Merry Maids to come over and help spotlessly clean my house before I put it on the market. I had a temporary case of insanity and in that moment of weakness picked up my phone and cancelled the appointment. Right there and then, in the middle of the store, I found myself doing the unthinkable.

After ending the call, I sat every last little pumpkin in my cart–and without hesitation–walked up and paid for the goods. I walked out of the store that day with a huge grin on my face. I had won this game. Amylia for the win on this one, right?

Well, I thought so, until I had to clean my house ALL BY MYSELF. In hind-site I wish I would have kept that Merry Maids appointment. I have no idea what in the world I was thinking by cancelling, other than claiming a bought of temporary insanity. Obviously I was out of my ever-loving mind {but hey, those pumpkins are freeking cute}.



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