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Simplify Your Kitchen & Your Life


Dinnerware Set {similar} HERE and HERE.

D and I have decided to rent our home fully furnished and stocked. This decision has taken my new years resolution of “Simplifying” to a whole new level. I literally will leave only what is necessary on a day-to-day basis to live and will take very little with me when I do move. I will have a few weeks to test and try out this process, actually living with what will be left behind. This will enlighten me as to what will be necessary once I am in our new home, the goal being not to have excess.

Believe it or not, I have realized that I own enough in my cupboards for two homes. Plus I have plenty seasonal plates to get rid of. And to think, I had just used Marie Kondo’s “sparking joy” method to rid of excess last year, in THIS very kitchen. Doing that had eliminated a good quarter of what I owned.

Moving is changing my perspective on everything I own and why I own it.

  • Is there a good enough reason to keep something in the cupboard?
  • Will it be used?
  • If so, how often?
  • Is it used enough to be kept?
  • What is actually needed and used each day?
  • What can be discarded?
  • How many plates, bowls, and cups are necessary to have?

The answer is that, honestly, I am finding that I really don’t need much at all. Especially when I consider packing a box and lugging it into a moving van, only to pay for it to be driven across the country. The thought of moving anything that has little to no value has become ludicrous.

What I decided to keep was my basic white plates, with no design. I can use these for every day and accent with different linens for holidays, adding gold chargers and napkins at Christmas. Simple and elegant, this choice makes sense because it enables me to eliminate all of my colored dishes.

I have a fetish with cake plates and every single darn one sparks immense joy. I easily have a dozen or more of them. I had to put all joy aside on this one and tell myself “no more”. I get to keep two of my favorites {one round and one square}, both in different heights, which I can use for decor or during special catering situations in my new home.

After spending a good portion of my evening eliminating I woke up this morning and something amazing happened. I felt a certain paradigm shift when I went to get a bowl, opened the cupboard, and looked at the above {see photo}.

Now as I open my cupboards there is order, having gotten rid of everything in my kitchen that does not serve me. This has created a positive energy flow of abundance in my home. It is creating extra space in my life to accomplish what I want–more space to manifest what really matters in my life. It may sound weird, but when I open my cupboards and see only what I need, I feel blessed with MORE. – Amylia

The truth is that we are indentured servants to everything that we own. Like it or not we have to take care of all these things we have. We pay storage for them, we cram them in our garages, they are taking space in our surroundings and  we carry the weight on our shoulders of responsibility for owning them. Remembering this helps me decide what IS worth my time and part with what is not.

My kitchen will be finished tomorrow and then I will move onto another section of my home. I’m thrilled for this enlightened way of thinking. What is crazy is that I thought I had decluttered before I put our home on the market. Believe me, that initial decluttering was just the first step to what is a huge process.

About four years ago D and I decided to buy less, to live on less, and to eliminate excess when we moved to Texas. Over the past year we have aligned our intentions and desires to downsize even more and simplify further. What has happened has been jaw dropping. Together with our goals aligned we have been able to manifest exactly what we both want, almost instantly, into our lives. In a matter of three days we accepted a new job, found a new home, and had our offer accepted to purchase the exact type of home we had imagined. We will be moving into a smaller three bedroom home. One room will be used as an office. There will not be one space in that small home which will not be used. We are so grateful and excited for our new and simplified life that the future has in store for us. It will be a dream come true. This new way of living will undeniably be a life full of abundance.

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