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This Dream is For YOU {with Live Video}

Hey YOU. Ya, you over there. I am talking to YOU. I know you’ve got that dream inside. That dream that you only let surface once in a while. And I know why. Your secret is out. I know why you aren’t living that DREAM right now.

You’re nervous about what other people will think IF you even tell them what your dream is, let alone start trying to live your dream. You’re scared of what your husband, wife, children, or parents might think if you changed your entire life around to do just that. You know that living this dream will require work. Maybe your scared of the extra work. Maybe you’re scared of going without income or long nights without sleep while you are reaching for this dream. Perhaps you feel it is too late and you have missed your chance.

Besides, You’ve got obligations, money to be made, and things that aren’t even remotely a part of your dream that need to be done RIGHT NOW. And these THINGS totally get in the way of your DREAM. They’ve completely blocked IT OUT. At least for now.

Because one day, I promise you this, that DREAM inside you is going to grow so big and the burning in your chest will be so strong that you won’t be able to contain it any more. You won’t be able to hide what you really want to do. Because hiding it longer only makes you more and more miserable. This misery you feel leads to depression, mid-life crisis, and ultimately a life of regret.

You’ll get angry about the lost time that you wasted on being afraid of changing. Afraid of looking too fat, afraid of not being good enough, afraid of what your best friend might think. Scared of embarrassing your children or spouse. Scared of embarrassing yourself. Nervous about putting yourself first. Nervous to fail.

You see, you feel that the RIGHT thing to do is to conform to what others THINK you should be doing. And so you convince yourself that doing just that is the best choice. Because if people really knew what your dream was they would laugh. They would say you couldn’t do it. They would think LESS of YOU. And you are convinced that this is true. So you continue, not living your dream. Living a life and time of duty and obligation. Now it’s not a bad life, there are times of joy and happiness. There is family and beautiful children and pets and jobs you may love. There really are some great things about giving up and just settling in.

It is easier. At least for a while. Because even though you have buried that dream deep down inside to the point that you can’t even feel it any longer, it is still there. Its a little seed of HOPE inside of you. And this seed of hope can only grow with faith. Faith in yourself. Faith in your family and friends, faith that they won’t judge you. Faith that they will understand. Faith that they will love you enough to stand by you and want to see  you succeed.

And when you begin to hold onto that new faith this dream will take root again and it will start to grow. The more you work on the dream the more it is able to flourish. And people can see a difference in you. Because you are finally, for the first time in a long time, completely and utterly HAPPY. You are grateful just for the opportunity that you have to start work on it and live and do what you love every day.

And you realize that this is truly living. This is what you were born to do. That GOD, himself, planted that seed there for a reason. Because HE knew all along that you could do it. He always had faith in you. He made you for this. And you finally completely understand and know without a shadow of a doubt that it is TRUE.



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