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Finding Your Dream {THE DREAM IS REAL}

Often times you can go years without knowing your calling in life. You are progressing through life, moving forward doing the day in and day out. Maybe you don’t know what you want to be when you grow up. Maybe there isn’t a dream there yet and you feel like there must be something wrong. Sometimes you still feel this way even when you have grown up, made decisions, and are possibly unhappy with the way things have turned out. Other times you are content but wonder if there isn’t more for you, something else you should be doing. You may feel stuck. But you don’t have to stay stuck, there is always a way.

I believe that in the pre-existence we were blessed with certain talents and abilities that God knew we would need to be equipped with along our journey on earth. Mine are unique from other people’s talents and yours are unique from mine; all which make the world a better and well rounded place. I like to think that He gave us all a purpose and a calling to complete here on earth. This is something we are supposed to accomplish while we are here. But how do we find out what our calling is?

Eventually life will bring you to a point where you take the time to slow down enough to do some soul-searching, contemplating, and meditating. A time where you will take all of your experiences, knowledge, and talents that you have acquired along the way and listen to your heart. Sometime, maybe when you least expect it, you will have an epiphany. You hadn’t a clue what your dream was, but now you do, YOU WILL JUST KNOW. This is usually something that comes easy to you and that is a god-given talent or a desire that deep down you have always had but never considered. God impresses it upon you and He shows you that the seeds for this very dream were planted along the way long ago. Furthermore, he reveals a pathway and options (sometimes difficult but always there is a way) to achieve this dream. Once this knowledge is unlocked from your soul and that dream realized and inserted into your mind where you can see it, then your life changes forever.

I think that dreams are unlocked when God knows you are ready and equipped with what you need to live them. This happens to a lucky few when they are young. Somehow everything is aligned and these people just know, without a shadow of a doubt, what their calling in life is. Other times it is a processes. But regardless when this happens it all comes together and is brought about in the same way, and all in God’s timing. It is important to realize it is never too late and there is always a reason why it did not happen before.

Bringing together your dreams and unlocking them into reality takes work. It takes goal setting and reaching. It takes faith. You have to believe in yourself and see yourself doing what you are going to do. You have to get to the point where your dreams and reality become the same thing. It can be almost like you have done this before, it comes easy, because you are actually living what you were made to do.

I liken this to riding a bicycle. Just like getting on a bike after years of not riding, it all comes back to you. You know you can ride a bike because you did it years ago. So you get on having faith knowing that once you start pedaling all will be fine. You will gain your balance, pedal slowly at first, and then eventually be able to go faster. With practice and work you find yourself able to do things that you never thought possible, like riding down a mountain or with no hands. Because you were meant to do this, you recognize the fact that every situation you have been through has had a purpose to put you where you are right now. Slowly you gain the confidence to begin living your dream, to be able to ride that bike–downhill and with no hands.

The most important element to living any dream is gratitude. Gratitude for your life and this mission that has unfolded before you. Getting down on your knees and thanking God for showing you the way to achieve it. Understanding that the trials you have gone through were for your growth. That in your deepest and darkest times and prayerful pleadings these pains were all for your good. You see it now, the growth that had to occur, the depth of wisdom gained from all of the heart-ache. Life lessons that have finally led you to living your dream. And you are grateful for ALL of it. The good, the bad, and even the ugly. Because of the pain you now can feel incredible gratitude and immense joy. How beautiful that feeling is. How grateful you are for the experience. How blessed you are that you have finally found your dream.


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