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I’m Sending Ellen A Shirt!!


I love Ellen. I mean, who doesn’t? You’d be crazy not too. She’s only the single best thing that has EVER happened to day-time television.

I’m so excited that today is the beginning of her 14th season. Like seriously, how lucky are we to be blessed with free entertainment in our homes every day? I am dying to see her newest episode, dance with her, laugh with her, and I want to CELEBRATE with her too.

I thought to myself, “I should send her a gift because she gives JOY to me EVERY day.”

Then the question was WHAT WOULD SHE WANT? Well, I know that she loves Portia just as much as I love her show. Well, maybe it’s a close second because I know she loves her wife soooo much…

Then I thought how amazing would it be if she CELEBRATED Portia by wearing my one of a kind, super soft, personally designed I LOVE MY WIFE shirts?!!

Well folks, I think we’ve got a winner, winner, chicken dinner!

And I know this probably will never happen, but ELLEN –if you ever read this– THANK YOU for bringing so much happiness into my home. I seriously love you.

To read what inspired me to start designing and making shirts click here.

To order your I LOVE MY WIFE shirt for your spouse click the shop tab on the upper right of this page!


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