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It’s just ONE of THOSE days

So sorry if you see me wearing yesterday’s make-up smeared around my eyes, sporting yesterday’s hair, while wearing yesterday’s clothes. I’ve got yesterday’s work to do and this is how I roll. Out of bed that is, and straight into getting things done.

I can only imagine what the neighbor boy’s dad thought when I picked his son up for school wearing the same shirt as yesterday. Not to mention the lady who knocked on my door and was forced to look at my face, sporting raccoon eyes, while we conversed for a good thirty minutes. I promise I ran to the bathroom right after, laughing as I wiped the remnants of yesterday away.

I’m actually a bit embarrassed of myself rushing into Home Depot to pick up some paint for a best friend. There is no time for a shower. Not even a little scrub or wipe of the pits. That being said, I must also apologize to my good friend, who so graciously loaned me her vinyl mat. When she went in for the goodbye hug…well, that must have been rough.

Many apologies to my 13-year-old son who must be completely mortified of the condition of his frazzled mom as I pulled in to pick him up from school. I have to give a shout out to his friend who courageously rode home with us. Because by that time, I had spent a few hours working in the hot sun, running a million miles an hour without a shower.

Sorry to the dog who has been in and outside with me while I cut wood, sand, stain, and sand some more. I didn’t even have a chance to play today. You see, it’s just one of those days.


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