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Gift Wrapping Made Beautiful & Easy


Tissue Paper here / Newborn Beanie similar here

I absolutely love Target. My favorite is when I can go there alone and have two hours to roam up and down all of the aisles. This last trip I really had a good look at the baby clothing and was quite impressed how they keep up with the trends. I would highly recommend any expecting mommy having a baby shower to sign up for a Target Baby Registry {see link below}.

I absolutely love giving gifts and one of my favorite things to do is to make the wrapped gift look just as great as what is inside. Especially if the gift is to welcome a new little one into the world. One may think that they can’t make a gift look nice if they don’t have a box sized just right for the contents. This is not true. Often, I like to wrap my gifts simply using tissue paper and what jute twine and lace findings I have in my craft bin.

Other times, if it is a simple stand alone gift {like the cute hat with little ears} I simply tie a bow on it, add a tag, and call it good. That is what I did on the beanie in the picture. I’m hoping my friend will keep the little lace bow–I think it would be adorable on her baby and it makes the hat one of a kind.

I made the tags out of scrapbook paper and added a simple edging with scalloped scissors. Putting a tiny punch in the corner made for tying onto the gifts easy as well as looking just like store bought.

Next time you have to wrap help save the planet from a lot of wasted paper, boxes, and have some fun. Use a little tissue paper and some creativity instead!


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