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It’s a Winding Road


I had a lot of time to think during the three day drive from Dallas to Reno. There is something beautiful that happens when it is just me behind the wheel of a thousand miles of road to drive. Inspiration came and several ideas of what I am going to do next. But most importantly I felt a peace about this move, that the Lord is leading me where I am supposed to be. I never would have thought that I would end up in Reno, but I am grateful for it and excited to meet new friends and broaden my horizons even more. I really plan on loving it here.

Along the drive I had the opportunity to see some of the most beautiful rolling hills, lakes and countryside. I took a lot of pictures with my dash cam and this is one of them. I love how the suns rays are shown shining down, giving hope and spreading warmth. I love the large blue sky with billowing clouds signifying a new day has come and that even if it is hard the day will end, the sun will rise, and there is always a new opportunity on the horizon. The winding road reminds me of life and how often times you do not know that there is going to be a tight turn up ahead or what you may come upon. But all the while having faith that where the road leads will be even better than expected. And that the road will lead to the next steps for dreams to come true.

The theme song for D and I this trip is Winding Road by Bonnie Somerville. Her words speak to both of us at this time in our life and her words explain exactly how we feel. It’s been a winding road, we’ve been searching for a long time, we still have HOPE, we’re going to find our way HOME.

Winding Road by Bonnie Somerville

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