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Journey to Bethlehem Christmas Party: HOW TO


The stage set for the Live Musical Nativity

Last year I planned and executed the church Christmas Party. I chose to bring to life Bethlehem and have a huge program involving all of the primary children in a live nativity. I wanted to do this because I feel that every child should be involved in a production like this at least once in their childhood and it seems that often more times than not many are not willing to put in the work to tackle such a project.

This year, I was just the woman to ask. I jumped at the opportunity because event planning is my favorite thing to do and Christmas is a favorite holiday. I was excited to take on the task!

Planning an Event like this takes a lot of help to put it all together through committees and delegation. I started nine weeks in advance. Two weeks were planning and seven weeks were executing. I feel one could do it in a month, but it might be a little stressful.

I am going to share what I put together in hopes that this will help someone who will be doing the same. Take what you will and omit what you want. The great part is that when you are in charge you can make it your own.

For more ideas to plan your Journey to Bethlehem Celebration see the following links:

Booth Construction

Gathering & Staging

Decor & Set up

Costumes: Easy Biblical Costumes for Children

The Program: Script and Inspiration

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