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Week One Whole 30: Eating My Way to Health

This is the beginning of a journal from an over-weight, food addicted, sugar-loving, carb-eating girl. I’m not a healthy girl who is slim and wants to get a little slimmer. I’m a middle-aged woman in desperate need of a change for my health. I’m a woman who loves myself and do not care if people judge me for being fat. However, if losing some inches is a side-benefit of eating real whole foods, then I will gladly embrace it. –Amylia


Herb & Spice infused Hamburger topped with bacon and avocado with roasted potatoes; my very own recipe.

I’ve struggled with my weight for longer than I would like to admit. It has been over thirteen years now. Ever since my youngest was born. I wasn’t always this way, I used to be thin and fit and healthy. So I know how it feels emotionally and physically; I see the difference in the way people react and treat me thin versus heavy.

However, something has happened over the past thirteen plus years of yo-yo dieting, losing weight, and gaining it all PLUS more back. I stopped caring. I stopped giving a crap. I started embracing me and just working with what I had. I see no shame in being overweight. I can put on a cute outfit and rock it just as great as a thin woman and I am worth just as much as a thin woman too. Just because I am a size 20 doesn’t mean I am worth less than someone a size 2. I’m pretty fearless that way.

So why am I “eating my way to health” if everything was hunky dory and I loved myself and was fine with me? As the weight has piled on and I’ve got older I can feel the effects. I’ve started having back problems, knee pain, allergies, headaches, sickness, tiredness, hearing loss, anxiety attacks…the list goes on. I know that losing the weight would help most of these things.

Feeling like this earlier in the year I attempted trying to lose some weight and get healthy by going back on Ideal Protein. I had success with it before and since my hubby is a low-carber it would nicely fit into our family life-style. Then I had a major health set-back and was forced to go off the diet because of the medication I was taking. So the pounds I lost eventually came back on and I was back to square one.

After my last health scare I determined that it was time for me to eat real whole foods. Healthy foods {go figure}. I didn’t want a quick fix and I didn’t want to buy into a company again which makes food in a laboratory. I didn’t want to drink a shake that was engineered in a lab and infused with protein and vitamins. You see, I’ve done that before and the weight just comes back on. I really don’t care about a diet and shedding weight fast. I just want to be healthy. I just want to eat real food. Can I please just eat some real food and feel better? I thought about this for several months.

I really considered this concept and actually began cleaning up my diet the last two months while I was in Texas. But it wasn’t extreme. I still felt tired, sometimes depressed, sometimes anxiety would hit. I would give in and run down to get my favorite fried chicken or goodie up the street. I still felt badly and craved that energy that I used to have back before I gained the weight. The sustained energy where I didn’t need to nap and I could clean the house AND the garage in one day if I wanted. {Who wants to do that? I know, I’m crazy! haha}

Then one day I was scrolling through Instagram and noticed that my friend Jamie had posted about whole30 and how she felt incredible. This reminded me of my daughter telling me about whole30 and how she was going to try it but couldn’t eat this or that. So of course if you tell someone addicted to white flour and sugar that they can’t eat this or that there will be no interest at all…UNLESS they are at the right time and right point in their life to want it for themselves. And so, this was me. I was not in the right place and it wasn’t the right time.

BUT it is the right place and right time now. You see, just moving to Reno from Dallas I had not one speck of food in my cupboards. I was at a cross road of decision. “What type of food am I going to put in my cupboards?” This was the perfect time for a change. So last week I ordered the The Whole30 book and read it cover to cover in a day. I was so excited to start. I actually started the day after I read the book. That is how ready I was. What do I love most about this plan? That it is NOT about loosing weight, but regaining health and feeling better. I was on board. This is exactly what I had been looking for.


Homemade chicken salad made with homemade mayo, stuffed in a red pepper and garnished with pistachios; an Amylia altered recipe made by yours truly.

Today is, in fact, the end of Day 6 and I want to share what I have experienced. I have highlighted my favorites:

  • Detox Headaches – coming off of soda and caffeine.
  • Hot Flashes through day five – this is the body’s way of detoxing sugar.
  • Sustained Energy – no naps required this week.
  • Feeling full after a meal – I made the butternut squash soup and couldn’t hardly finish my bowl. It has been like that for every meal since day two. I read that it is because my body is getting what it needs rather than what it wants.
  • Requiring less sleep a night – Instead of hitting the alarm on snooze I’m up before the alarm goes off.
  • Love of Cooking is Back – I used to love cooking but haven’t for the past ten years. I can honestly say it is back. I am loving using real whole foods to put together delicious meals.
  • No need for snacking – I just don’t want any. The first two days I did want some snacks and grabbed some nuts. But after that I am full until my body tells me it is time to eat again, which happens to be about five to six hours after the previous meal. My meal schedule is 7:00 breakfast, 1:00 lunch, 6:00 dinner.
  • I’ve not gone hungry once – seriously, dieting to me usually means I’m starving myself.
  • Changes in my body – I can feel the changes happening in my body, which is exciting. You aren’t allowed to weigh for 30 days, but I was able to fully zip up a puffy vest today that I could not zip up 6 days ago. That was exciting!
  • Sugar cravings are gone – I seriously didn’t think this could ever happen. But instead of craving chocolate I craved Pistachio nuts and it was a win, win. I simply added them as a garnish on my chicken salad stuffed peppers.
  • I want to continue – This is rare for me, because I have tried every. single. diet. out there. No lie. I’ve done it, read it, and tried it all. And I can’t wait to continue to eat this way and see what natural side effects come from it.

I can’t say what will happen after 30 days. But I am going to give this a whirl and see if it does change my life. So far it has been one pleasant surprise after another. I’m pretty flaky when it comes to changing up my bad eating habits, I always end up going back to them. Let’s see if this one sticks. Here’s to hoping for the best. Thanks for following along.

To read more about my Whole 30 Journey click HERE.

disclaimer: I do not make money off of this post save for the affiliate link to amazon, whereby if you purchase the book I receive a small commission. This in no way increases the price of the book for you. 

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