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Booth Construction: Journey to Bethlehem

I searched and searched on-line for ideas on how I would easily construct booths for the Journey to Bethlehem Christmas Party. Some people used PVC piles set in cement. But that is a mess and it is heavy. Besides, PVC pipe can get expensive in the lengths necessary. Furthermore after the celebration what can you do with all that remains?

Gathering ten canopy’s would take up all of the gym space and no matter how many people I asked I couldn’t come up with the required amount anyway so would be left purchasing them. It was just too much.

Then, I had an awesome idea…A BRILLIANT, AWESOME IDEA! {hahaha}

I would make them out of 1X2 lumber and I could then reuse the wood later for my crafts. It was perfect! Besides, I came up with a way that I could construct them to perfectly fit on the ends of the tables so they wouldn’t even need to touch the floor. Yet they would be completely stable and look amazing.

Okay, enough of bragging, but it was pretty cool. And it did turn out pretty darn awesome!

Here is how I built them….

I brought a table home and measured the exact dimensions needed to build a wooden box to slip on each end of the table. I won’t list the measurements here because every table is different and I used thin long tables. But this would work with any width of table.


After sketching the overall plan I made my cuts out of 1×2 pine lumber. There are only two sizes I needed. The top, the two bottom pieces, and the long sides.


Laying my pieces on a long counter {as shown} I used a nail gun to hold everything together. You could drill holes and use screws and wood glue too. But I wanted to easily disassemble so opted for the nail gun instead. I just had to knock them a few times with a hammer to take everything apart once the program was over.


Here is D’s trusty nail gun–which I have to date used more than he has!


I used these nails for this project 1-1/4-Inch by 18 Gauge Brad Nail, 1000 Per Box. They are a fraction of the price on Amazon, at Lowe’s they were $13 a box with half the amount inside.


I inserted two nails in each piece {as shown above}. Mass producing these babies only took a few hours and it was FUN!


When they were finished I continued to build a frame for the Nativity Scene Set. It was easy peasy and I used the same 1×2 lumber and some 8 inch pine pieces for the bottom. This needed to be huge so I made two of them and set them side by side at the venue, using strapping tape to adhere the scene. Then I added spot lights to light everything up behind. It turned out gorgeous.


I purchased the plastic Stable Scene Backdrop Banner to it. They sell out quickly so I was grateful I ordered early. The plastic coverings were purchased here: 4-Feet by 50-Feet, Rock Wall. I also purchased 4-Feet by 50-Feet, Night Sky to go above all of the rock walls.


Shown above are the two frames for the nativity scene. I then built some fencing to finish the scene off nicely on either side.{shown two photos above finished}.


This was made from pre-cut cedar fencing and 2×4’s.

It took me about six hours to cut, construct, and finish these projects. It was a fun day. I love to cut wood and put things together so I was in my happy place. I hope this inspires you to easily assemble some booths for your event. Here is a finished booth, one of my favorites, the Toy Shop.


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