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Eating my way to Health with Whole 30 {weeks 2, 3 & 4}


Yay! I officially made it through Whole 30 and I’m feeling like I should jump up and down for joy, pat myself on my back, and announce it to the world. It was quite the accomplishment, so that is just what I am doing today. I’m also including some of my journals from the past three weeks. You can read week one here.

The most unexpected thing that happened along this journey is that I lost 17 pounds. Yes, you heard that right, Seventeen Pounds! I never once went hungry, had to drink a shake, or not eat real delicious food. And the weight just fell off. Of course I feel great being lighter, having my face a bit thinner, and my clothes fit better–everyone does when they lose weight.

But for me it is more than that. I now have energy I had in my 20’s. The energy I had been craving for years. I go to bed at ten and easily wake up at six. I don’t need a nap during the day. My blood sugars are stabilized and because of that so is my energy. It is amazing. I am getting more done that I have in a long time and I have always loved being productive.

That being said, today may be the end of Whole 30, but it is just the beginning of a new life-style change for me. I am thrilled that I have finally found a way of eating that works for me. I have yo-yo dieted and searched for a solution for years. Finally it dawned on me {while I was trying Ideal Protein once again} that I did not want to buy expensive laboratory created food. What I wanted was to find a way that I could incorporate eating healthy foods and make it a life-style change.

I had one friend private message me about her weight loss by changing what she ate {thanks Najwa}. I also noticed a friend start posting about Whole 30 {thanks Jamie you really helped connect the dots for me}. I looked into it, asked her a few questions and jumped along the band-wagon within two days. I am seriously loving it. I never want to go back to eating sugar infused foods or genetically engineered shakes. It never has been for me, as proven with weight loss and weight gain over the past thirteen years.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again–this journey is about ME feeling better. It is about MY HEALTH. It isn’t about a number on a scale. Even though I lost 17 pounds, even had I not, I still would want to eat this way because of the amazing way I feel! That being said, here are some little journals I wrote along the way.

Week 2:

This morning I really enjoyed a nice, hot, steamy, LONG shower. I needed it after this week and was finally feeling on the up side of being low all of last week. I then went downstairs and D had made a lovely breakfast of chopped colored peppers, jalapeno, onions, and eggs. Afterwards I came back up to blow dry my hair–only to discover that I had somehow forgotten to wash out the conditioner! What a mess. This pretty much sums up my second week on Whole 30.

What A MESS. I am a mess, that can be confirmed; an emotional, hormonal, detoxing, the ugly cry every day, MESS. It hasn’t been about cravings or wanting other food. In fact, I haven’t wanted food at all. I’ve just wanted to be in bed and cry. Which isn’t like me, because I am certainly not a crier. I usually don’t cry and especially when people expect to see me cry. I will bury it down and cry later when I am alone and no one can see me.

I just haven’t been me. I’ve been depressed this week and every day my husband has asked me what is wrong. But I don’t know what is wrong. I’ve been miserable. Can I attribute this to 45 years of eating crap and detoxing it out of my body? Is this because my overweight body is shifting into a land it doesn’t recognize and it is affecting every faucet of my life? I’m not sure.

You see, I am not the thin girl who normally eats 80% Paleo trying to clean up 20%. I’m the heavy girl who is used to eating 100% anything and who is literally changing everything. And it is harder than anything I have ever done, but I do not want to give up. I want to see this through the full 30 days and make it a life-style change.

My Week Two at a glance:

  • My energy high of not needing a lot of sleep left and I was falling asleep by 9:30. In fact, I felt like I was making up for week one’s inability to sleep and amazing energy. Can I have that back please??
  • I was still waking up fine and not struggling to get out of bed, so that was nice.
  • Energy was low all day and I needed little cat naps this week to get through the day.
  • No cravings of sugary treats and even if I saw them I didn’t want any {this is huge for me}!
  • I had several emotional break-downs and one huge anxiety attack in the parking lot of a grocery store. That was real fun.
  • Where I was loving cooking last week, this week I didn’t really feel like it.
  • Woke up today feeling more myself, FINALLY, and very glad that week two is over!

I began thinking that perhaps the timing of my Whole 30 journey wasn’t right. Here I am, just having moved to a new town, having no one to talk to, going to the store and not seeing one familiar face, feeling alone, the house still full of boxes to go through, the holidays are coming and I am in no way ready for them, missing my kids, missing my old life, missing my friends, AND changing everything about food and eating. Did I just set myself up for disaster?

But then I thought, WHEN IS A GOOD TIME? I decided that I really don’t think that there is one. There will always be an excuse or a reason that it is too hard and timing that isn’t right. So for me, I am glad that I decided to take the plunge to start now, however hard it may be. If you are reading this and are ready for the ride of your life into being healthy and feeling better {boy I want to feel like week one again and if I do all this will be worth it} then DO NOT wait. Just do it. Start today. We can walk this road to better health together.

Week 3 & Week 4

I am soooo glad that I did not give up during week 2. D kept saying, just eat some sugar you might feel good. But you see, I had made a pact with myself and I was not going to give in, especially this far into it. I can do hard things. I’ve done hard things before and this in no way is even remotely close to some of the harder things I have had to go through in my life. So I’m a tough gal, and I did not give up.

I seriously woke up the first day of week three and felt myself again. D saw it immediately. I was in our bathroom and started singing and dancing a little funny tune and he said with a huge smile, “You’re back!” I thought for a minute and replied, “You are right, I am back!” And that is how it has been ever since.

I have literally sang and danced through weeks three and four. Never a temptation, partly because I just don’t have anything in the house to do so, but also when the guys would grab a burger I would simply decline. It was easy. Here I was making delicious meals and eating until I was full. Never a hunger pang. Never a feeling of deprivation or going without. I feel amazing.

The best part is the sustained energy. I’ve been able to really go to town on the house and unpack the rest of the main floor. The only rooms I have left are about 1/4 of my craft room and Preston’s bedroom. I had the courage to sell or donate 3/4 of all of my Christmas decor that I moved here and does not work or fit in this home. I have felt a burden removed and a relief come as I have had the energy to get things done that have been piling on my list for a long time.

I’m loving REAL whole food. For the first time in ten years I am loving being in the kitchen and cooking again. I used to always love to cook but the joy left some years ago. Now I am finding new life in it and trying new recipes and ideas. I love going to the fridge, taking out fresh veggies and making stir fry’s. It is just a blast. I enjoy cutting into fresh vegetables and fruits. I don’t even want to use my chopper on onions because I really like being in touch with the food I am preparing. It is kind of strange, one may think, but somehow it is therapeutic. I relate it to how crafting makes me happy. I love creating, that is one of my biggest joys.

So that sums it up! Week one and two are really crazy with body changes and after stabilization came I felt amazing. If you want a change into a healthier happier you, I totally recommend trying Whole 3o. Which has now turned into Whole Life for me!

The following are links to the books that I have read the past month. I really recommend starting with the Whole30 and then It Starts with Food. The first explains the rules in detail and has recipes like crazy inside. The second has all of the scientific info about food and how it works in the body.

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