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Halloween Decor Simplified

D and I always joke that when the little ghouls finally go to bed THAT is when the tricks and treats really begin. he he he. So I set us a little table to have some late night treats together. Decorating really can be simple and still beautiful. This year I am whittling down my decor for Halloween to fit into one crate. It is all part of my simplification journey that I have been on. {You can read more about that following the links below}.

How did I manage to muster up the guts and donate over half of my beautiful Halloween decor? First of all I decided to go with a theme. Only black and white. Easily done, that took care of eliminating most. Anyone that knows me knows that I LOVE houses. So I donated the bulky ceramic homes I had for years and bought these adorable paper homes by Dimensional Paperworks. I was at a craft fair and ran into the loveliest booth full of little paper villages. I couldn’t resist snagging a few and as a matter of fact they were my favorite find the entire evening.

I am excited to own these for three reasons. First of all they are adorable. Second, they light up by placing a little battery operated tea light underneath them. And third, they fold FLAT for storage and weigh next to nothing. That is a win, win. The chandelier is also made from paper by Martha Stewart. My dishes are from Disney as well as the Nightmare Before Christmas throw.

The paper houses were such a great price too. I know first hand the value because I personally have spent HOURS making paper homes and cutting out the little windows, gluing velum inside, and decorating. You can see my little hand-made paper village here.


Chairs Fog Gray Kendall Chair – Fabric by World Market / Table by Home Goods / Village by Dimensional Paperworks

Now that Halloween is over you will find me in my new living room, which is filled with Christmas crates full of decor, going through and eliminating, downsizing, and simplifying. It is an emotional rollercoaster ride, this elimination process. But I am determined to win. Until then I will take it a day at a time.

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Fog Gray Kendall Chair - Fabric by World Market

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