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Journey to Bethlehem Booths & Decor

The following are pictures from the Journey to Bethlehem that I planned last Christmas for our church party. Some of the booths were photographed before completely staged, however, you can get a feel of what it looked like.

I had all lights dim and a lamp or lit lantern at each booth for light. I used a projector to project a starry sky above. The guests brought blankets to sit on and the older couples sat on tables in the Inn of Bethlehem.

The Ward participated in little bits and pieces to pull it all together. I went flea market shopping for fabrics and used my saved stash of tassels, sheets, and pillowcases to use as coverings. The most important thing that I did was bring a table home the week before the event and stage each booth in my house. That way set-up was a breeze and I had everything worked out. I had each auxiliary bring lanterns and baskets to fill up their booth. Food was set on tables behind the booths and then taken and filled into baskets as they were emptied. The food was all donated by the congregation and they were given assignments. The church purchased the wine (juice) and the olives and cheese.

The assignments:

Roman Soldier’s guard the doors to the gym, welcoming all who enter Bethlehem.

Market Booths will be managed by:

Primary Pita & Bread Booth – Primary Presidency

Fruit Market – YW Presidency

Cheese & Olive Market – Elders

Pastry Shop – RS Presidency

Bishop’s Winehouse – Bishopric

Toy Shop – YM Presidency


Cheese and Olive Booth served by the Elders.


A little vignette for extra flair set up next to the Bishop’s Winery.


Hand Made Roman Soldier Helmet. Tutorial here. {link coming soon}


The Pastry Shoppe managed by the Relief Society.


Another view of the vignette next to the Winery.


The Winery ran by the Bishopric. Those are little gold coins strung across on jute twine. Put together with hot glue.


Another view of the Winery.


Another view of the Pastry Shoppe. Notice the long tables in the back for over-flow of food.


Pastry shoppe banner. Make sure to click the link below to view the tutorial on how I made the booth structure.


Pastry Booth managed by the Relief Society.


The Toy Shoppe managed by the Young Men. Those are dreidels tied to jute twine.


Toy Shop full view. Notice there is a board for spinning so the

Young Men could teach the children gathered around how to play.


The Bethlehem Inn for the Elderly.


The Fruit Market managed by the YW Presidency.


The Primary Pita and Bread booth managed by the Primary Presidency.


Notice the details below on the floor with extra baskets and behind with extra pillows.


Another view of the Toy Shop.


The cheese and olive booth. Believe it or not those were silk curtains from my old house that I had saved for years. I used old curtains for the winery too. I used a few sheets. Remember that Bethlehem was very colorful back in Christ’s day. Not old and vintage looking like one may think. The tassels were Christmas ornaments from my tree.


I brought every wooden crate I had from home to stack and make layers, all of my lanterns too. Notice in the back I have a Scentsy diffuser and put essential oil to give a nice scent into the air.


Lanterns hung from the canopy at the Inn.


The fruit market. I used some yellow vintage fabric on this booth that I found at a flea market. I loved the blue which made it pop. I used layers and layers of fabrics to make the booth feel really dressed up. The signs were made from fabrics that I stuck vinyl lettering to by using my Cricut. The burlap signs I painted on using a Cricut cut stencil.


The more the merrier! Set the scene and have fun.


These were fabrics I had in my stash and the centerpiece was a huge square pillow covering I bought at a second-hand store.


To add visual interest I tried to add garlands by the signs that represented what was in the booth.

These were mini bagels, looked so cute, This was one of my favorite booths!



Another view of the Inn.


The food set up at the Pita Bread Market.


This booth was the biggest hit with the kids. They loved learning dreidel.


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