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DIY Garage Shelving & Organization

There are many perks when it comes to being married to an Architect. Great design is one. This project was in the making  back when we lived in Dallas. D got tired of his garage being cluttered and messy. I admit, I was the culprit most of the time. I’d get into things and not put them back correctly or I would try to stash things I didn’t want inside the house in the garage. You know, like every wife does, use the garage as a storage unit.

Then one week D ordered these good ol’ black bins. He spent hours eliminating and organizing into them. Then he labeled them with his ever so perfect architectural lettering and stacked them up against the wall. Problem is, they were hard to get into because well–they were stacked.

Then we moved and the black crates of paint supplies, large tools, saws, camping supplies, and more came with us. There they sat stacked one on top of the other like before. That was, until I left town and D must have been bored out of his gourd! haha. I hadn’t heard from him all day and I asked him what he was up to. That is when he surprised me with this text:


It didn’t take him long after this photo to have the complete wall unit built. The amazing thing is that D has come up with a garage shelving unit which requires minimal lumber and assembly. Made out of inexpensive 2×4 lumber and a few screws, all you need to make this unit is a saw and a drill. But hey, Lowes and Home Depot both cut for free now, so that eliminates half of the work.


First he cut the lumber into the dimensions. Great thing is that there were only two lengths necessary and he designed it so there would not be any wasted lumber.


Then he assembled each shelf. The crates sit securely on each cross-bar. No heavy or expensive sheets of plywood necessary.


After the shelves were built he attached them to the wall in each stud. Completing the engineering for stability he added legs down the side of each crate which carries the load and also secures the bins so they will not shift and stay on the center cross-bar.


Here is the end result of a brilliant mind. I wish I could even think of such amazing things. Feel free to print and use the plans that he graphed out in the photo below, just give us some kudos when you do!


I’m not sure if you notice the impeccable labeling on these crates, but D simply used clear strapping tape and wrote with silver sharpie on each label the contents of each and every crate. That way if he needs to change-up what is inside he hasn’t destroyed the look of the crate by changing out the label. Genius! My favorite thing about being organized is that it saves me money. Every item we own has a home and we know where that home is. Now instead of not knowing where the paint supplies are I can just run out and pull this crate. In the past I would get frustrated and just buy more.



And there is its….I hope you like this DIY garage shelving unit as much as I do. I am thinking I may need to leave town on a weekend more often. The problem is that D and I love to play when we are together and aren’t really productive. So, time apart is a good thing for us. But yay for the weekends!

For this project we purchased heavy duty crates with lids that clamp down. These totes are amazingly strong and hold up to carrying even heavy tools or supplies. The link below is the price for four of them. With free shipping right to your door it is a steal. The following links are what is needed to complete this project.

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    June 10, 2017 at 7:46 pm

    Can you rotate the photos?

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      Amylia Coover
      June 11, 2017 at 3:48 pm

      Hello Chris, I can email you the photos, but they show up right side up in my view.

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    September 24, 2017 at 4:51 pm

    Awesome job, great use of the space. For some reason I can’t seem to download the picture of the plan do you mind emailing them to me pls n thank you

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