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DIY Home Allergy & Dust Reducer

If you are like me once the furnace turns on in the fall the allergies start kicking in. I really noticed all the junk that settles on the floor in our new home because they are solid wood. I can’t get over the amount of dust I was needing to sweep and vacuum up every day.

To make it worse I was sneezing like crazy and felt like I had a cold all of the time. I told D I didn’t understand where all of the dust was coming from. Then one day I looked at my heater vent in my room and noticed when it was blowing air it was bringing down old dust particles from the duct work with it! No wonder this house has become a mess of allergens.

That is when I bought Allertech Vent Guards. I love it because you can just cut it to each vent in your home. It doesn’t strain the furnace and doesn’t block airflow. I can easily feel the warm air blowing through my vents with this installed 15 feet away.

I decided to share today because a friend of mine mentioned her little guy had allergies. If you or your family suffers this is definitely worth a try. Much less than going to the doctor and getting prescription drugs. Hugs!

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