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Easy & Festive Hat and Glove Organization DIY Idea



The key to an organized home is for everything you own to have a home. A home within a home, one might say. A place where each and every item is organized and placed in a special “home” where it can be easily found when it is needed again. This way we are not servants to the things we own, searching for them when needed, but they can easily serve us.

It started turning cold here and with that came the snow. It was exciting and fun, but what was left was a mess of gloves and hats strewn across the floor in need of a drip dry. So I came up with this easy solution.

This little cubby rack has three slots. Which is perfect because there are three of us living here. So yes, that cute little sprig of pine and little house may soon need to disappear, but if you know me, I just can’t help myself when it comes to adding a little decor. Impractical YES and Cute YES. Cute won on this debate!

I love how the wire rack allows for air flow and easy drying. Yet everything is stacked so adorably inside.

The wooden Rudolph hung above was painted by me last Christmas. I will be doing a live video tutorial on these soon, so stay tuned…and don’t freeze out there this winter!

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