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Stocking Stuffer Goodie Bags


I can’t be trusted with Christmas Candy…it usually is purchased, eaten, and purchased again! So this year to keep hands off the goodies I decided to order my stocking stuffer candy on-line. It was the best thing I did! It arrived, in a box, I knew what it was and set it aside, leaving it sealed to open when I was ready to assemble stockings.

This Mrs. Claus has spent long nights setting up toys and goodies for the kids, wrapping presents, almost until the sun rises on Christmas morning. In the last few years I have really tried to be on top of things so that there isn’t as much to do Christmas Eve. This way I can enjoy the family and be present….which requires wrapping “presents” early.


Assembly Line of Stocking Goodie Bags

I go as far as getting the stockings ready to simply be stuffed. I usually take bags and separate all of my children’s goodies into bags and wrap a few of them a week before Christmas. Before all our company arrived I opened up that big box of Christmas candy and put together goodie bags which I will put in the top of each stocking on Christmas Eve. So simple and easy.


Adorable Santa Tags purchased HERE or HERE.

Using Santa themed plastic goodie bags I evenly distributed the candy. Then I took some adorable Santa Gift Tags from Target, some candy canes, and some red ribbon to decorate them. I love using extra food for decor. These candy canes made these bags look even more festive.


Front view of Santa Goodie Stocking Bags


Back view of Santa Goodie Stocking Bags stuffed with chocolate a chocolate orange, chocolate marshmallow Stanta’s, Reeses Trees, Santa Twix, Hershey Hugs, and more! All purchased HERE and delivered FREE to my home!

I’m so excited to stick these inside each stocking this year! It won’t take long for this Mrs. Claus to get a nice, long winter’s nap; waking up refreshed on Christmas morn!

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