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Social Media is a Highlight Reel


Isn’t it interesting how on social media we see each others lives through rose colored glasses? Not many post the ugly truths of life or what personal problems they may be going through at that very moment. Occasionally one may get a glimpse into someone else’s “real” life and see that it is not perfect. The one posting usually has to share the “real” in very small doses and very tastefully. Maybe a bit of satire is required as to not offend others or ward people off. The truth is, that if we all started posting negative things, we’d probably end up friendless because when it comes down to it people don’t want to hear it.

They just don’t. When they do see it I have noticed that there are the people who will talk behind backs. Maybe take screen shot and say, “did you see what she posted?” Or the people that will ignore said post and pretend it isn’t there, just moving on because “ain’t nobody got time for that”. And then there are the people that will reach out and say something, give it a like, a wow, anything–because you are KIND. Next time you see something posted that is REAL, ask yourself, “which type am I?” Then ask yourself, “how can I make a difference in that friends life?”

Here is a solid fact…Social Media is a highlight reel. The sooner it is recognized the sooner one can stop comparing and thinking other people have better lives than they do. Because they do not, they certainly have trials, hurts, aches, and bad things happen to them too. They just choose not to post about those things. No one has it “perfect”. Believe me. They don’t, you don’t, not even the Pope himself does. {Why did I go and drag the Pope into this?!} haha

What scares me about the highlight reel are the young kids and people who are a little insecure with their lot in life. They may not understand that only a select few of their 700 friends even see their posts in their feed. Not to get a like from someone they really want a like from can be devastating. Worse yet, suicide rates are at an all time high. It makes me wonder if social media accounts may have something to do with this? When is your child old enough to handle the emotions that come with owning a social media account? Now that is something to consider…{and a whole other article}.

But in the mean time I would like to stop breaking the stigma of perfect lives. Today I promise to be a little bit better with letting people into my REAL WORLD. The crazy, messy life stuff. The funny stuff. And the sad stuff too. My question is, WILL YOU??

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