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DIY “Ceramic” Vases with Gold Ombre

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, I love a ceramic vase, What about YOU?!

Ceramic is very expensive but I love the look of it. To decorate my daughters wedding I needed 20 vases. Each vase purchased really adds up–so I knew that in order to keep inside our budget I would have to somehow DIY inexpensive vases to look expensive. One day I was shopping, right before Valentine’s Day, and I lucked into finding glass vases which were the perfect dimensions. Not too tall, to allow for viewing and conversation, but also not too short. Full of flowers these would really fill up the room beautifully.

I decided to try painting them to look like a white ceramic vase. My idea was to paint some gold flecking up the bottom and fade it into the white, giving them a flair of elegance.

The first step is to wash and completely dry the glass. If there is even a finger print on them it will show through the paint.

Using Gloss White Spray Paint I began spraying the glass jars. It is important to spray lightly and let dry completely before the next coat. Otherwise, the paint may crack. Once the paint cracks or “shatters” there is no going back. Even if you try to sand it flat it doesn’t work. Therefore, the key here is to have patience and take your time spraying them.

Again, I can not reiterate enough to allow the paint to completely dry in between coats. I set the jars on wood so that they woud not blow over.

Once they are finished drying bring into the house and using metallic Gold Acrylic Paint begin brushing paint 1/3 up the jar, sweeping and fading into the white with a Fan Brush.

Use as many coats of the gold paint as needed to achieve the depth of color desired.

I used several coats, letting them dry completely in between.

The end result was absolutely gorgeous. Here are some vases shown a the wedding and reception. These were used as centerpieces on the bridal table. The Bride also set her bouquet inside when not holding it. The bridesmaids did the same with smaller vases. These vases were also used on round guest tables and family tables. They turned out elegant and beautiful.


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